2 ton jack

When you’re working under a car, the best safety net is a 2-ton jack stand. The sturdy unitized frame with full welds is designed to support a heavy load. Available in gray/red, it’s a good choice if you want safety while working under the car. Shipping is free with a Military Star Card, but otherwise, expect to pay $4.95. Oversize and International items are not eligible for free shipping, and deliveries to APO/FPO addresses are subject to extra time.

Safety valve system

Before using the jack, read all the safety information and instructions, including the warnings, precautions, and procedures on page 4. When adjusting the valve, make sure that the handle is securely attached and the level of fluid is properly topped off. To use the jack, pump the Handle counter-clockwise to open the valve, and then slowly and gently lower the vehicle back down. Before lifting, always apply the parking brake and chock tires. Ensure that the parts are in good condition, and follow the manufacturers instructions carefully.

When using the jack, inspect the general condition of the unit. Check for loose parts and cracks. Look for any other defects that may affect the jack’s functionality. Never use a jack that is damaged parts. Check the jack’s manual and follow the instructions on Bleeding if necessary. If the jack is not functioning properly, seek professional help immediately. Once the jack is repaired, use it on a limited basis.

Before using the jack, check the hydraulic system to make sure there are no leaks or rust. If it is, clean the hydraulic jack with WD-40 or an oily cloth to prevent rust. If the hydraulic jack’s saddle is prone to rust or corrosion, make sure to keep it down. Use hydraulic jack oil in good quality. Do not use hydraulic brake fluid as it may damage the jack.

When repairing the hydraulic jack, drain the hydraulic fluid from the jack and inspect the seals. Then, remove the jack handle from the release valve. Inspect the seals and O-rings. If they are damaged, replace them. When you have finished, remove the jack stands and the load from the jack. Make sure to check that the load is properly supported by the jack stands.


If you need to replace the casters on your two ton jack, you can find replacement parts at most jack manufacturers’ websites. In most cases, they come in sets of four, with the four included parts being the casters themselves, the stems, washers, and nuts. If you’re not sure what type of replacement casters you need, you can also get a new one if yours has worn out.

Threaded casters feature wide non-marring thermoplastic rubber wheels and a 150-lb load capacity per wheel. Featuring a 360-degree swivel action, these casters provide maximum stability. Swivel action provides smooth wheeling on concrete surfaces. They come with a double-locking mechanism to ensure that they stay in place. They can also be used on furniture and other light machinery.


If you are in the market for a quality 2 ton jack, you should consider purchasing one that is manufactured by a reputable company. Despite being small, these jacks can lift up to 4,000 lbs. They are also very versatile and feature high-strength steel and nodular cast iron pumps. This product is manufactured in ISO-certified facilities and meets ASME PALD 2009 safety standards.

Using a 2-ton jack will give you the necessary safety net while working under your car. These jacks feature a durable steel chassis that will hold up to heavy loads. The unitized design and full welds will ensure that the jack stands for heavy loads won’t collapse or bend while lifting. You can choose from red and gray jack stands for your shop needs. Remember that free shipping is available for customers who have a Military Star Card. Otherwise, a $4.95 shipping fee applies. Keep in mind that oversized items may have a higher shipping fee than standard shipping and that APO/FPO addresses may require additional time.

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