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The trademark and trade name of America’s Used Diamonds are registered trademarks. America’s Used Diamonds offers diamonds at affordable prices. These diamonds are a promise of love and domestic harmony. For that reason, they have a special place in the heart of any woman. However, before you buy an American diamond, it is important to know some important facts.

American diamonds are a promise of eternal love

A simple phrase evokes a deep and passionate connection. “American diamonds are a promise of eternal love” was coined in 1947 by a copywriter at N.W. Ayer, a company owned by De Beers. The slogan implied that the diamond represented more than just a physical object – it symbolized domestic harmony and love. The implication was not lost on consumers.

In 1951, eight out of ten American brides had diamond engagement rings. However, the recession had spooked a generation of diamond buyers. That’s when De Beers’ “Shadows” ad campaign came into existence. It was so successful that the ad campaign for the diamond maker gained widespread popularity.

A diamond ring is a great way to express love. It is a beautiful and precious symbol of a soul connection. It will never fade, and it will only become more valuable as time passes. It stays with a couple and makes memories together. A diamond will never lose its beauty, so why not give it to your loved one today?

Diamonds have long been associated with romance. However, the advertising campaign for American diamonds was marketed in a distinctly different way. In the 1920s, a popular Broadway play named “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” featured a gold-digger named Lorelei Lee. The show was satirical and filled with self-awareness.

This advertisement became a cultural icon. Not only did it inspire a James Bond novel, but it also spawned a hit song by Shirley Bassey. The movie also featured a series of elaborate diamonds on loan from the London jeweler David Morris. In fact, Morris had twice won De Beers’ annual Diamonds International Award.

Diamonds are a universal symbol of love. Their beauty and sturdiness are associated with long-lasting marriages. The first diamond engagement ring was given by Austrian Archduke Maximilian to Mary of Burgundy in 1477. Even before that, ancient Egyptians believed that the third finger of the left hand contained the love vein. Since then, couples have been promising love with diamonds.

Throughout history, diamonds have attracted a lot of controversy. Some of them have been sourced from war-torn countries, but the diamond industry has stepped in to correct this. There are several ways to buy a diamond, and it is best to choose one that is ethical and sustainable.

They are a promise of eternal love

Since ancient times, people all over the world have used diamonds as a symbol of love. Their durability and strong associations with engagements have made them synonymous with lasting relationships. In 1477, Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave his bride-to-be Mary of Burgundy the first diamond engagement ring. This tradition goes back to the ancient Egyptians, who believed that the third finger on the left hand contained the love vein. In modern times, diamonds have been used as a symbol of love and domestic harmony.

The word “diamond” is derived from the French word monde, and the German word moon is “mond.” The “monds” part of the word is the refraction of sound, and thus the “monds” portion is pronounced differently depending on the language spoken. The closest anagram is “sownd,” which sounds like the “ow” sound.

It is not clear where diamond symbolism originated, but the history of diamonds as a symbol of love reaches back at least as far as the Ancient Greeks. In fact, the Greeks believed diamonds had healing and magical properties. In the Middle Ages, diamonds were often worn as amulets in battle, and the Romans considered them tears of the gods. During the reign of Charlemagne, diamonds gained in popularity and became a symbol of power, strength, and eternal life.

The idea of the diamond as a symbol of steadfast love was influenced by the Holy Trinity and the Holy Spirit of the Holy Ghost. According to Mystical Kabbala, the diamond is a symbol of one in three. God is a Trinity of three persons and the Holy Ghost represents the love between a father and a son. Similarly, the Virgin Mary was infused with the Holy Ghost at the Annunciation and Christ’s baptism.

Diamonds are the most popular gemstone, and as such, are the most popular symbol of steadfast love. Diamonds have long been symbolic of love, and have been used as an ear-ring for lovers.

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