baby bjorn bouncer toy bar

When looking for a baby bjorn bouncer toy, you may have to choose between the Moose Toy and the Soft Friends toy bar. While both of them are great options, each has their own pros and cons. If you’re not sure which one is right for your baby, read on to find out more. It may save you time and money! It’s easy to attach and remove.

Soft Friends toy bar

The BABYBJORN Soft Friends toy bar is designed to entertain your baby while they enjoy rocking in their Bouncer Bliss or Balance Soft. Each colorful toy is made to stimulate development and promote learning through play. It attaches easily and is machine washable for convenience. Baby bouncers are a great choice for parents who want to give their child a fun and safe ride.

Easy to attach

If you are planning to purchase a new bouncer for your child, you might want to consider buying an Easy to Attach Baby Bjorn Bouncer Toy Bar. This toy bar is designed with colorful shapes and funny eyes that your child will enjoy playing with. It helps develop motor skills while your child enjoys the bounce. The Baby Bjorn toy bar fits on all Baby Bjorn bouncers.

The toy bar is made of BPA-free plastic and wood. This feature is perfect for babies who are learning to sit up. This bar comes with brightly colored beads, shapes, and fun eyes. These colors will stimulate the baby’s curiosity and promote a sense of playfulness. It is easy to attach and detach from the adult. This is one of the most convenient baby bouncers to purchase.


The toy bar for your BABYBJORN bouncer can add hours of entertainment value to your baby’s experience while they’re bouncing in their portable chair. This colorful bar comes with three friends that encourage development and engage your baby’s senses while rocking them gently. Made of soft cotton and 3D jersey, the toy bar is machine washable for easy cleanup. It also features a soft mesh base for extra comfort and is sized perfectly to fit the bouncer.

The toy bar is easy to attach and remove. It is made of soft, breathable jersey fabric and BCI-certified cotton. The fabric is free of phthalates, lead, and other toxic chemicals, so your baby won’t get a rash from it. The portable BabyBjorn bouncer has 5 configurations and can be used as a chair, bouncer, and playpen.

The rotating toys are the perfect addition to your baby’s Bjorn bouncer. Using toys helps stimulate your baby’s curiosity, and can even lead to a smile! Babies learn best by playing and stimulating their motor skills through movement. Attaching rotating toys is simple for grown-ups to do. Bouncer Balance Soft and Bliss are both compatible. It is recommended to check with the manufacturer to ensure your bouncer’s compatibility with rotating toys.


The toy bar is a separate purchase that attaches to the Bouncer Bliss or Balance Soft and features three bright friends. These jingle when the bouncer is rocked, helping your baby develop their motor skills and physical capabilities. The toy bar is padded and made of the same materials as the bouncer. They feature bright, lively eyes and colorful shapes and are easy for parents to attach and remove. The Bjorn toy bar comes with an attached clip on. The cost of the toy bar is more expensive than the cost of a non-brand bar.

When shopping for a new bouncer, make sure to choose the one that suits your family’s needs. A Baby Bjorn bouncer will generally cost more than a lower-tier bouncer, but it has good resale value. Used Baby Bjorn bouncers sell for about 60% of their original price. This means that you’ll make a profit if you decide to sell your baby’s bouncer after a couple of years, as most are resold for about 60% of their original cost.

Resale value

Baby Bjorn bouncers have been in existence for decades. The compact, lightweight design makes them easy to move from room to room. You can easily clean them, which makes them a great resale option. Not only are they a baby favorite, but they are also surprisingly sturdy. And when you’re ready to sell, they’ll be worth about 60% of their original price.

If you’re in the market for a new toy bar for your bouncer, you should consider purchasing a Babybjorn one. The Babybjorn bouncers are more durable than other brands, but the toy bar is an optional add-on. The toy bar is made of steel, wood, or plastic. It’s also more expensive than a similar bar from another brand.

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