baby shower boy decorations

If you’re expecting a boy, a lullaby theme is perfect for a baby shower. Soft colors and twinkling lights set the mood. Plenty of treats, like fluffy cloud cupcakes and pastel cake pops, will be sure to please. A jungle-themed baby shower is another option. Monkeys, giraffes, and other jungle-themed creatures will add to the theme. Consider incorporating them in your decorations.


Whether you’d prefer neutral colors for a baby shower or a nautical theme, animals make adorable decor for your baby boy’s nursery. Animal themed decorations can incorporate neutral accents from other parties. The baby shower favors can be shaped like fish, whales, or other sea animals. Guests can wear sailor hats and receive baby-themed stuffed animals as gifts. You can also incorporate an animal-themed hole punch in the decorations.

Using animals as baby shower boy decorations will allow guests to feel closer to nature. A baby shower with animal theme decorations will include wood-elements, such as pinecones and wooden slices. Guests are encouraged to bring a favorite Dr. Seuss book to celebrate the new addition to the family. They can also use the signs as baby shower favors to start the baby’s library. Wooden animal print decorations can be used for the nursery.

A jungle theme is another popular option for baby showers. Several animals, including giraffes and elephants, are commonly used. While jungle themes may seem to be too wild for a baby shower, it can also be done with a more modern color palette. Instead of green and brown, a pastel palette can work well. A zebra or other animal-shaped cookie can be used as a decoration.


When planning a baby shower for a baby boy, a beautiful centerpiece is the key. You can find a wide selection of plants in the nursery and use them as decorative accents for the table. These can also double as baby shower boy favors for guests. A cute centerpiece of paper onesies hanging from a miniature clothesline makes for a charming cake topper. Incorporating gold and white details makes the tablescape even more sophisticated.

If you want to go for a traditional nursery theme for your shower, try incorporating colorful plants. These can be paired with a baby shower boy theme like Beatrix Potter books. Themed crates make a beautiful backdrop for photos, while other nursery items like baby toys can be displayed in the stands. A plant can be decorated with a nursery rhyme or an original piece of artwork. Plants can also be used to create a monochromatic nursery.

If the expecting mom is a science geek, a baby shower theme centered around outer space would be perfect. In addition to hanging colorful balloons, guests can create a galaxy map for the baby. A baby shower theme for a boy can include food items that include B is for baby, such as blue cupcakes, blueberry soda, and bowtie pasta. Besides flowers, you can also use colorful jars for decorations.

Dr. Seuss

A Dr. Seuss baby shower boy decoration can be anything but ordinary. With whimsical and imaginative characters and funky decor, the Dr. Seuss theme is sure to please any little boy. Parents can ask guests to bring a Dr. Seuss book to begin the baby’s library. A baby boy will appreciate the cute woodland creatures that are featured throughout these whimsical tales. You can also use the theme as a way to create a gender neutral baby shower, by including a Dr. Seuss theme in your party planning.

You can use stickers of Dr. Seuss characters to fill empty spaces around the room. They will stick to the walls without leaving any air bubbles and won’t damage the paint. If you’re worried about the little ones, you can also put a few Face Masks around the room. Not only will this create a playful atmosphere, but it will also build excitement for the real candy at the end of the party.

Vintage details

Rustic-inspired baby shower decorations are in style these days. A rustic-themed party calls for soft earth-tone colors like blues and browns. For the guest book, the mom-to-be can place an antique couch on her front lawn, and vintage style records and crates can be displayed throughout. Guests can sign in with a rocker-inspired baby onesie. This baby shower is a sweet celebration of her upcoming arrival. The theme also calls for colorful details, including a cupcake tower, marshmallow pops, and cute Mickey Mouse centerpieces.

Adding vintage details to a baby shower is a great way to decorate with a classic theme. A vintage fire truck serves as the inspiration for the decor. Another baby shower theme includes a sweet flag banner advertising the baby’s arrival. The tablecloth is made from faux grass, and little potted plants make excellent party favors. To add even more character to the theme, consider adding a baby elephant cake or frosted cookies to the tables.


A baby shower boy theme will surely be a hit. A bow tie-themed party is both adorable and simple. These bowties can inspire a dapper little man for your baby. In addition to baby shower boy decorations, bowties also make a wonderful favor. You can use paper bowties to make streamers and glue them to party string. As a favor, ask your guests to bring a bowtie for the new little man.

You can also use bowties to decorate your shower boy’s cake. You can make adorable mustache-shaped cookies to pass out to your guests, or even decorate cupcakes with bowties. You can find many great baby shower boy ideas on Pinterest. You can even create a deer-themed baby shower for the future parents. There are lots of other ways to make bowties into decorations for a baby shower. To make them extra cute, you can also create a baby boy guest book, in which guests sign their thumbs on a branch of a tree. You can later frame these thumbprints and use them as baby shower boy decorations.

Blue balloons

If you are planning a baby shower for a little boy, consider using blue balloons as decorations. The color is calming and has many meanings other than gender. Traditionally, the color blue has been associated with boys. Many families love blue because it can bring them peace. A multicolored balloon arch is a great way to decorate a room with several different shades of blue. This type of arrangement also comes with a complimentary bear chair for the new baby.

Using blue balloons as decorations is a simple yet effective way to make the room look boyish. Use them in the food table, gift table, and photo booth area. You can also buy a balloon backdrop kit and hang the smaller ones with fishing line. Gold confetti will look great on balloons as well. You can also hang your balloons from wooden dowels placed in white pots. These are all great ideas for decorating a boy’s shower.

Farmer’s market theme

Baby boy showers don’t always have to be blue! A sky-themed baby shower could be a fun addition to the little boy’s life. The sky theme might include a whiteboard with a colorful cloud icing and flag banners. You could also have a forest-themed baby shower with a tree-covered cake and treats in glass jars. Both these ideas use muted colors and natural elements as centerpieces.

You could have a farmers market baby shower outdoors or plan a brunch to eat outside. Baby’s breath is a lovely flower that goes well with the theme, as are sunflowers. You could also incorporate vintage items to make the theme even more charming. If the expectant mom is a farmer’s market fanatic, you could even buy some items that have a farm-themed theme, such as a cute baby crate.

A blue theme can include several shades of blue. You can use blue tablecloths, plates, napkins, silverware, and even food items. A few ideas for the food would be to create a cake with a blue drizzle or sprinkles. Other blue treats to add to the theme include baby cinnamon buns, rice krispies, and little rolling pins. Your guests can also enjoy treats made from blue sprinkles.

Sports theme

For dads who like sports or moms who want to make the shower special for the baby boy, a sports theme can be perfect. Choose from football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, or any other favorite sport. Then, decorate the baby shower in his favorite team colors. A scoreboard with the due date and baby’s name and other details can be found online. Another option is balloons! Many decorations can be purchased for cheap or free.

If you are having a baby shower for a boy, you can make the party more fun by using sports-themed party supplies. A sports-themed party has plenty of ways to incorporate games and themes. You can even find a baby shower game that involves a sports theme! Many of these games can be played with friends and family, and guests will enjoy participating in these activities. While your baby shower is still a few months away, you can still make the party as fun as possible for the parents-to-be.

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