bernat softee baby yarn

Bernat Softee Baby yarn is a classic sport weight baby yarn, perfect for crocheting or knitting baby garments. Available in solids and ombres in traditional baby colors, this yarn is easy to care for and washable, making it an excellent choice for any new mom or grandmother. It also has an easy care label for ease of washing and drying. For more information about Bernat Softee Baby yarn, read on!

Oeko-Tex certified

If you’re looking for an easy-to-maintain, Oeko-Tex certified baby yarn that is great for baby projects, look no further than Bernat Softee Baby. Made from acrylic fiber, this lightweight yarn is perfect for baby garments, accessories, and home decor. Available in a variety of pastel colors, Bernat Softee Baby yarn is an excellent choice for baby knitting projects. Its soft and luxurious feel is gentle on sensitive skin, and it’s also machine-dryable, which makes it a great choice for garments and accessories.

Bernat Softee Baby yarn is certified Oeko-Tex, a worldwide certification program that evaluates textile products for harmful substances. These textiles are safe for direct contact with sensitive skin, and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX ensures that they won’t contain harmful chemicals. To ensure safety, these products have been tested by independent laboratories. After passing the rigorous testing, Bernat Softee Baby yarn is safe for baby and is Oeko-Tex certified.

Easy to maintain

Bernat Softee Baby Yarn is a premium acrylic fiber yarn that’s perfect for crochet and knitting baby garments. Made from 100% acrylic, it’s machine washable and comes in a variety of soft, natural colours. Bernat does not guarantee dye lots, so you can’t guarantee the exact shade of the baby yarn. However, the softness and ease of care make it an ideal choice for baby garments.

Bernat’s Softee Baby yarn is a premium, machine-washable acrylic yarn that’s safe for sensitive skin. This yarn comes in a variety of beautiful pastel colors and is Oeko-Tex certified. Because it’s 100% acrylic, you’ll have no trouble knitting baby sweaters and blankets for your little one. There are also free crochet patterns for this yarn to use!


If you’re looking for a good quality lightweight yarn for your crochet and knitting projects, you can look no further than Bernat Softee Baby. This yarn is made of Oeko-Tex-certified acrylic fiber, and is available in pastel colors and marl. This yarn is also machine-dryable and perfect for knit or crochet projects for your little one. There are also many free crochet patterns available for this yarn, including some great ones for babies.

Bernat Softee Baby Yarn is a good choice for your baby’s wardrobe. Made of premium acrylic, this yarn is machine-washable and can be dried without damaging the garment. It’s easy to care for, and comes in both ombre and solid colors. This yarn is recommended for use with Size G crochet hooks and Size 6 knitting needles. It’s not recommended for garment knitting, however, because Bernat doesn’t guarantee the dye lot for this yarn.

Made of 100% premium acrylic, Bernat Softee Baby is a classic lightweight baby yarn for your knitted or crocheted baby garments. Made of super soft, machine washable, and incredibly durable, this yarn is a favorite for many babies. It is also available in a sport weight version called Bernat Baby Big Ball Sport Yarn, which is 12.3 oz and made of 100% acrylic.

Favorite of babies

This easy-care acrylic yarn is perfect for a wide variety of projects, including making baby clothes. Available in a variety of lovely shades, Bernat Softee Baby yarn is perfect for knitting any type of garment, from blankets to baby clothing. And because it is Oeko-Tex certified, Bernat Softee Baby yarn is a safe option for babies’ sensitive skin. It also comes in a wide range of colors and is machine washable.

Baby yarn can last for several months. This 100% acrylic yarn is perfect for baby clothing. It is easy to maintain and comes in light worsted weights, making it a popular choice for babies. The soft, supple feel of the yarn will keep your baby warm for many months, making it a favorite for parents. It is also available in denim and bright shades, making it a popular choice for baby projects.

Bernat Softee Baby Yarn is the softest, most luxurious yarn on the market. It is ideal for making items for babies, including blankets, baby clothes, and other accessories. Fortunately, you can return it for a full refund within 14 days of purchase if you are unhappy with your purchase. To qualify for a refund, you must return the item in the same condition as when you received it. All tags must still be attached to the item. And you must include the receipt as proof that you bought the item.

Soft and breathable Bernat Softee Baby Yarn comes in a variety of colours. From pale pink to blue, they’re a favorite among babies. The 115g/282-meter balls are available in several shades. Whether you are knitting a baby blanket or an afghan, you’ll find Bernat Softee Baby Yarn to be a great choice for your project.

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