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After a series of car meets at Lennox Town Center, Columbus Cars and Coffee took a hiatus in April. This was largely due to out-of-control cars, but the group regrouped and organized several meetups throughout the city this summer. They also received support from local auto shops Byers Auto and Lindsay Automotive. Now, the group has a new location for its Saturday morning meetups, at the City Apartments. Once a University City shopping mall, the apartments are a perfect spot for the group’s new meetups.

Der Dutchman

If you’re looking for a delicious brunch spot, look no further than Der Dutchman and coffee in Columbus. This family-friendly cafe and bakery serves up a variety of hot and cold coffee drinks, as well as smoothies and energy drinks. The menu also features freshly baked pastries from Der Dutchman bakery.

Coffee and Donuts cruise-ins

Coffee and Donuts cruise-ins are held monthly on the second Saturday from April through October. The event is free for car owners and spectators, and participants are encouraged to bring their family and friends. During the event, cars are limited to certain make and model combinations, but there are no age restrictions.

Harper Auto Square

If you’re looking for a great place to enjoy some car-related coffee and treats, look no further than Harper Auto Square. Since its establishment in 2012, the event has grown to become the premier Cars & Coffee event in the South East. The event draws guests from all over the region. In addition to the cars on display, you’ll find free dash plaques and complimentary beverages.

Originally, this event was started by a local Porsche club, but has grown over the years with the interest of the local car community. Now, the event draws over a thousand cars and tens of thousands of people. This event celebrates the joy of cars and the culture that surrounds them.


Visiting the Marysville, Ohio, plant that builds the NSX is an experience in itself. Despite the futuristic design of the plant and the presence of a few robots, the plant is largely human-powered. Cars are moved from station to station on carts and most of the work is done by hand. The factory is all white and uses clean LED lighting.

Acura NSX

Last month’s Columbus Cars and Coffee event was an exciting event, with an Acura NSX as the sponsor. This supercar is powered by 573 horsepower and is Honda’s first hybrid super car. The NSX starts at $157,000. The event featured meetups, drives, and special events. It was a fantastic night of conversation and car ownership. This is just one of several upcoming events for this car enthusiast community.

The NSX will be built at the Performance Manufacturing Center until 2022. The PMC has historically produced small batches of non-NSX vehicles. The Acura MDX and RDX are planned for production at the PMC in 2020. The Acura NSX has become a popular choice among young drivers and enthusiasts.

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