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When purchasing a de Beers ring, you have many choices. You may be interested in the Forevermark ring, Annabel engagement ring, Solitaire ring, or Oval halo stud earring. However, before purchasing your engagement ring, consider what style of ring would best suit your partner. We’ll cover the styles in more detail in the following paragraphs. You can also browse our extensive collection of engagement rings and choose the one that is most appropriate for you.


The engagement ring collection from De Beers Forevermark includes an array of shapes and metals. Each style was created with the wearer’s individuality in mind. Forevermark has even come up with a bridal capsule collection called Forevermark x Micaela, which features classic diamond engagement rings and wedding bands, as well as contemporary pieces. With an assortment that spans over six decades, this collection is sure to make a lasting impression.

The Forevermark diamond brand offers the finest quality diamonds available in the market. Each diamond is sourced responsibly, is hand-selected and carries a unique inscription. As part of the De Beers group, Forevermark’s diamonds benefit from more than 125 years of experience. These stones are inspected by the Forevermark Diamond Institute, assuring them of their pristine beauty, rarity, and responsible sourcing.

The company will align the new De Beers Ring Forevermark brand with the parent company De-Beers, which has three retail outlets in the United States. De-Beers will share the same website with Forevermark. In addition to the retail stores, there will be wholesale offerings of some lines. The new De Beers Ring Forevermark brand will use the “De-Beers” name for all sub-brands and designs. As with Armani, there will be no single “De-Beers” ring, but rather many lines.


The Annabel de Beers Ring is one of the most distinctive pieces in the renowned brand’s collection. Inspire by nature, this ring has a central diamond that gives off an aura of enduring beauty. Inspired by myths of the Goddess Aphrodite, the ring features a central solitaire diamond that radiates the brilliance of a flower in flight. These stunning pieces have been praised by celebrities and collectors alike.

Designed by Anne-Marie De Beers, the ring carries the name of the iconic jewelry designer. Designed with the spirit of love, the ring is made to last forever. The de Beers brand is known for delivering high-quality diamonds, which are matched only by their rare and enduring beauty. De Beers jewellery is adorned with breathtaking gemstones and exquisite designs. Their exquisite Annabel de Beers rings are the perfect gift for any occasion and the brand’s renowned ring collection has something for everyone.

An open setting on the center of the ring accentuates the beauty of the solitaire diamond. The diamond is set in an open setting, which focuses light and accentuates its brilliance. The ring also features two rows of diamond pave, highlighting the statuesque beauty of the oval diamond. A stunning engagement ring from the De Beers collection can cost up to PS12,500. And while the price tag might be steep, the diamonds are truly worth it.

A De Beers ring has a rich history. The famous diamond company founded its first retail store in the U.S. in 2005. It later moved to Madison Avenue on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and has since opened over 30 stores worldwide. If you are in the market for a De Beers ring, then you can find it in De Beers stores, as well as other retailers. However, it is advisable to buy a ring from the original jeweller.


When you propose marriage, the most romantic gesture you can make is to present your significant other with a solitaire De Beers ring. This simple yet elegant ring has a round brilliant diamond set within a platinum band. It is perfect to layer with a wedding band and will look even more stunning when paired with a ring made of colored gemstones. A custom-made ring is available with a love note engraved inside the band.

If you are looking for an engagement ring with the perfect diamond cut and a simple, classic design, consider a secondhand ring. This De Beers ring features a 0.75-carat center diamond and two lines of grain-set diamonds on the shank. DeBeers has certified the diamond as H colour, and its shoulders are 0.11-carat in weight. The ring is made from platinum.

A De Beers Forevermark solitaire diamond engagement ring is the most popular choice. A De Beers Forevermark solitaire ring features a round brilliant-cut diamond in a De Beers “Icon” setting. It is available in various carat weights and metals. The ring is a beautiful way to propose to your loved one. And what’s better than a diamond with a unique inscription that is almost impossible to read?

The history of diamonds at De Beers starts in 1947, when the company published its slogan, “A diamond is forever.” This campaign led to a massive increase in the sale of engagement rings, and eventually the diamond became a symbol of true love. The centenary Diamond, the fourth largest diamond ever found in the Premier mine in South Africa, was unveiled on 11 May 1988 during a celebration of the company’s 100th anniversary.

Cecil Rhodes, a British businessman, founded the diamond industry in the 1880s, establishing “The Diamond Syndicate” in 1902. His estate funded the prestigious Rhodes scholarship. Today, De Beers has diamond mines in South Africa, Canada, Namibia, and Botswana. In some ways, it has a monopoly on diamonds. It is the world’s largest diamond corporation.


The solitaire De Beers Ring Oval is a contemporary take on the classic diamond ring. The platinum band is prong-set around an oval-shaped diamond with a slight yellow tint. Round brilliant micropave diamonds are positioned around the diamond to maximize its fire and brilliance. The diamonds are sourced ethically and selected by eye. These settings make the De Beers Ring Oval one of the most unique pieces you will find.

This ring has a 0.78ct center diamond with an H color and a VVS1 clarity grade. The diamond is inscribed with serial number 677935. The ring also features round brilliant cut diamonds, and weighs 0.33cts total. This engagement ring is a stunning choice for a perfect proposal. The De Beers Ring Oval has an unmatched sparkle that will captivate your girlfriend or wife.

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