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Diamonds Direct is a jewelry store that features locally designed jewelry as well as loose diamonds and an upgrade policy for its diamonds. This store also supports local designers and has a showroom in Kansas City, Missouri. In this article, we will explore how Diamonds Direct differs from other jewelry stores in the area. This article will also provide helpful tips for shoppers considering Diamonds Direct for their jewelry needs. We hope this article was helpful in your decision-making process!

Diamonds Direct is a jewelry store

For an upscale shopping experience, visit Diamonds Direct, a jewelry store in Kansas City. You can purchase designer jewelry, custom engagement rings, and loose diamonds, or select a pre-set piece from their selection. There is something for everyone at this store. Even if you’re a budget shopper, you can find what you need here. Its upscale boutique style and customer service will make the experience memorable for you.

The showroom offers beautiful, well-crafted pieces for every budget. In addition to the usual selection, Diamonds Direct also offers a 20% discount on virtually everything. The store also features a Summer Designer Showcase, which features jewelry designed by nationally-known designers. During this event, staff members will help you select the perfect piece. And you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and enjoy one-on-one attention from friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Founded in Israel in the early 1990s, Diamonds Direct began as a small wholesale company that sold diamonds to jewelry stores around the country. In 1995, they opened their first showroom in the United States. Their unique model was to cut out the middle man and sell to consumers directly. Diamonds Direct handpicks stones, which means that there are no middle-man markups. The quality of their products is the same as those of other jewelry stores, but at a lower price.

It promotes local designers

Diamonds Direct promotes local designers and artists, giving them a platform to sell their designs. Several local designers are represented at the store, and customers can choose from an array of unique and well-crafted pieces. The store is an authorized Novell wedding band retailer, and its knowledgeable staff will assist you in choosing the perfect piece of jewelry to add to your collection. It also features a Think Pink section, with items ranging from $11 pashmina scarves to a $20 Jelly watch.

The store is a nice middle ground between the traditional jewelry shopping experience and the high-end online diamond shopping experience. The traditional and basic showrooms of local designers are a welcome change from the glitz and glamour of shopping for diamonds online. Diamonds Direct staff members are knowledgeable and seem to enjoy demonstrating their selections. In addition, the inventory is impressive. They appear comfortable showing the stones to customers, which helps to avoid the pitfalls of online diamond shopping.

It offers a lifetime upgrade on its diamonds

Diamonds Direct is a premier online jeweler with an extensive selection and industry-leading warranties. Their customer service is second to none. You can even get a lifetime upgrade on your diamonds if you change your mind about the style. Customers can exchange their diamonds for a different size, color, and shape without incurring any additional fees. If you do decide to trade in your diamond, you can even receive 110% of the price you originally paid for it.

Another unique aspect of Diamonds Direct is its commitment to social responsibility. It operates local and globally by following the Kimberley Process and making sure all diamonds are ethically mined. Diamonds Direct also donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to local charities every year. If you are not sure whether Diamonds Direct is right for you, check out their customer testimonials and customer service reviews. Diamonds Direct is committed to providing superior service after the sale, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well the staff knows their products.

The Diamonds Direct lifetime upgrade policy is designed to protect your purchase for a full year. It covers the cost of loss, damage, and normal wear and tear. If your diamond is lost or damaged, you can trade it in for a higher-quality diamond. The only caveat is that the new diamond must be worth at least double what you paid for it. It must also be in pristine condition and come with its original grading certificates.

It has a showroom in Kansas City

If you are looking for an upscale jeweler in the Kansas City area, Diamonds Direct may be the right choice. This showroom offers an upscale selection of designer jewelry, loose diamonds, and custom engagement rings. Customers may even choose to have a diamond cut to their specifications. The showroom also features an onsite repair department and provides financing. Its friendly staff will help you design the perfect engagement ring for your loved one.

The company has a showroom in Leawood, Kansas, and they are currently hosting a summer sale event. You’ll be able to check out the newest styles and enjoy discounts on selected pieces. Plus, you’ll be supporting local businesses in the process! This article is sponsored by Diamonds Direct. For more information, please visit their website. You may find more information about their showroom here.

Diamonds Direct is the nation’s largest jewelry company, with 15 locations across the U.S. The company is dedicated to educating customers and ensuring they are happy with their purchases. They have extensive inventories and a commitment to complete customer satisfaction. Their commitment to customer education and empowerment ensures that all consumers are armed with information and feel confident making an informed decision within their budget. In addition to diamond education, Diamonds Direct also offers free jewelry maintenance and an 110% upgrade policy.

It has a website

If you’re in the market for a stunning diamond engagement ring, Diamonds direct Kansas City has a website that will take the guesswork out of the process. This upscale jewelry boutique specializes in custom engagement rings and loose diamonds. Their website is full of information and images that will inspire you to create your dream engagement ring. They also have an array of designer jewelry in stock. So, if you want to be the envy of all your friends, check out the Diamonds direct Kansas City website today!

If you’re in the Kansas City area, you’re sure to find a great collection of fine diamonds and unusual settings in the store. Diamonds Direct also supports local designers and creates a website featuring many of their unique pieces. You’ll find something to fit every budget and style and can even find a unique, stacked band to commemorate any number of special occasions. There’s something for everyone at Diamonds Direct Kansas City – you’re sure to find your new favorite piece!

While Diamonds Direct is well-known for its extensive inventory and knowledgeable staff, you can still shop online for a diamond on their site. Unlike large chain stores, Diamonds Direct has a website that lets you compare and contrast diamond prices. Their website is simple and traditional in appearance, but with a vast selection of diamonds and other gems, you’ll find something perfect for your loved one. The prices at Diamonds Direct are more affordable than those at other jewelry stores, and you’ll never have to pay for shipping.

It has a Yelp page

If you’re in Kansas City and are searching for a jewelry store, you might want to try Diamonds Direct. The upscale jewelry store is part of a national chain and has received good reviews. It has friendly staff and a decent selection. Customers also like that the store supports local designers. Here are some of the reasons why Diamonds Direct is worth a visit. Read on to learn more about its experience.

The Diamonds Direct store is different from most other jewelry stores in that they cater more to in-person shoppers than to online shoppers. Staff members are knowledgeable and seem to be at ease displaying diamonds. The store looks a little more traditional than glitzy, but it’s worth it to avoid the online shopping pitfalls. Also, the inventory is impressive and staff seem natural when showing diamonds.

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