A diamond ring is a symbol of eternal love and elegance. It is associated with auspicious celebrations and is a piece of jewelry that women can never part with. Malabar Gold & Diamonds offers a wide selection of diamond rings for women in breathtaking designs. Find the perfect one for your wife by browsing through our beautiful collections. You’ll be surprised by the price! However, the quality of our diamonds is second to none.

Choosing the right diamond

There are four C’s of selecting a diamond. The clarity, cut, carat, and colour. You need to know these four aspects to choose a perfect diamond. Despite their popularity, most people do not understand the details of these four C’s, and they believe that choosing a diamond is just a matter of a certificate. Although purchasing diamonds is easy and anyone can do it, you must know tangible data about the diamond before choosing it.

Choosing the right diamond color is important. As a general rule, diamonds with the highest quality will be colorless. However, some diamonds contain small amounts of yellow color. It’s better to buy a diamond with a weak yellow hue than one with a bright yellow tint. Choosing the right diamond color for her is very important, so consider her taste and budget before making a purchase.

When shopping for diamonds, you should consider reducing their carat weight if you can. Although many shoppers prefer to stick to the minimum carat weight, it can be impossible to detect a difference that is less than 10%. For instance, diamonds under the most popular carat weights are sold at a slight price per carat discount. Moreover, it is not possible for the human eye to distinguish a difference in color if it’s only a few percent.

Choosing the right setting

Buying a ring with a diamond is an expensive investment. Therefore, a good jeweller should help you choose a setting that will suit your partner’s tastes. While it is difficult to buy a diamond ring that is completely unique and priceless, you must remember that it is not easy to keep it in place. In addition, loose diamonds are a real concern, so it is wise to take adequate insurance to prevent such risks. Buying a diamond ring for your woman is a lifetime commitment.

Another type of setting is the bezel, which surrounds the entire stone. This style is often chosen by women who lead active lifestyles and are in professions that require a high level of security. A full bezel wraps around the entire circumference of the stone, so it’s the safest. Partial bezel settings, on the other hand, leave the sides of the stone uncovered.

Another option is the tension setting, also known as a gypsy setting. It’s similar to a channel setting, but instead of a groove, the stone is secured by a metal bar. This setting style is popular for wedding rings and can also include a center stone. While it offers security, it’s not suitable for softer stones. This setting style can be a bit pricey, so be sure to shop around to get the best deal.

Choosing the right carat weight

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a diamond. For example, while the clarity, color, and cut of a diamond are important in determining its price, the carat weight is the most important. A diamond will cost more if it is larger than a certain carat weight. Generally, the smaller the carat, the cheaper the diamond will be. However, if the budget you have set is limited, you may want to choose a lower carat weight than the one your budget allows.

The shape of the diamond also affects the carat weight to size ratio. A marquise diamond, for example, will appear larger than a three-quarter-carat round brilliant diamond. It is because marquise diamonds have a larger table than round brilliant diamonds, which means they look bigger when worn. Likewise, diamonds cut vertically are smaller than round ones, and may not look as big when worn.

In addition to size, carat weight can be a consideration when purchasing a diamond ring for your girlfriend. For instance, if you’re planning on purchasing a ring for a girlfriend, you can purchase a diamond ring with a carat weight below five carats. While diamonds aren’t exact measurements, they are approximate. Therefore, the higher the carat weight, the bigger the diamond.

Choosing the right shape

When choosing the perfect diamond ring for your wife, you must choose the shape of the stone that fits her personality. For example, if she’s into vintage style, she might want a princess cut diamond. But if she’s more contemporary, she may like a square cut. Either way, she’ll love the sparkle of a princess cut diamond. The princess cut diamond is the most popular choice for brides who want something unique.

The shape of a diamond says a lot about the person wearing it. A round diamond with a square shape looks lovely in a three stone setting, while a princess cut looks beautiful in a halo setting. If your bride likes contemporary pieces, consider purchasing a halo setting with three or four stones. Also, consider the size of her hand when selecting a diamond.

The shape of a diamond is very important when buying an engagement ring. A round diamond has the highest brilliance, making it the most popular choice. In addition, round diamonds are very versatile – they are often worn in solitaires and two-stone rings. Round diamonds are also easy to find in a variety of settings and can be used in custom settings. For an even more unique and personal touch, consider purchasing a loose round diamond.

Choosing a solitaire

Solitaire diamond rings are classic and elegant, and are a classic choice for engagement rings. They are often accompanied by other types of rings, such as wedding bands with diamonds. A solitaire diamond ring will make her finger stand out and will complement her other jewelry. A solitaire diamond ring is a firmer choice for a woman, as it will make her feel proud to show off her ring finger.

The price of a solitaire diamond ring is based on the value of the centre diamond and the quality of the other four Cs. The carat weight of a diamond determines its quality and value. A 1.00 carat diamond will cost more than a 0.99-carat diamond, so it is important to choose a diamond that is at least 0.98 carats in order to get a high-quality diamond.

The main benefit of a solitaire ring is that it emphasizes the beauty of the stone, while also maintaining the stone’s elevation on the ring’s band. In addition to ring settings, a solitaire diamond can also be set into a pendant or bracelet. While diamond rings may cost a lot more than other types of jewelry, they are still a great choice for the discerning woman who likes simplicity.

Choosing an alternative stone

Choosing an alternative stone for diamond rings for a woman’s ring doesn’t mean sacrificing beauty and brilliance. While diamonds are always the most expensive choice, there are cheaper options available that look just as stunning. If price is an issue, go for a softer gemstone like sapphire or goshenite. Both of these stones are less expensive than diamonds but they don’t last as long. Moreover, they are more vulnerable to damage, as everyday wear and exposure to other elements can make them dull over time.

Another gem that’s less expensive than a diamond is morganite. This stone, which is in the same family as emeralds, is a great choice for a woman on a budget. Its hardness is 7.5, making it a great choice for daily wear, but it needs more care and maintenance than diamonds do. A ring set with morganite is a lovely alternative to diamond rings for women.

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