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There are many options available for organic baby foods, but one product that has received rave reviews is Happy Baby Organic Baby Food. It’s the first organic baby food you can buy for your newborn for as low as $3 per serving. This formula is packed with nutrients and will keep your little one healthy and happy for years to come. You can even find it in a variety of flavors, including pumpkin, pear, and apple. Besides being completely natural and organic, Happy Baby Organic Baby Food is a great option for your little one’s development.


As a neurosurgeon, Teresa Purzner realized that her patients were not getting the nutrition they need, and she set out to change that. After discovering that most baby food she had tried was full of sugar and heavy metals, she sought out top pediatricians, nutritionists, and food scientists. These experts helped her develop Cerebelly, a line of farm-fresh, organic baby food that provides real nutrition for a developing brain.

The Cerebelly brand is a new startup in the baby food industry. The products are vegetarian and made from quality ingredients, and they support local farmers. The company’s founder is a PhD in neurology and developed the line of organic baby food. She created her baby food following the principles of the Mediterranean diet, focusing on plant-based proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, and fibers. This is not to say that Cerebelly doesn’t incorporate animal products, but the majority of its ingredients are organic.

The Cerebelly family line is certified USDA organic, shelf-stable, and contains a variety of ingredients and flavors. Because the food is shelf-stable, Cerebelly Happy Baby organic baby food is an excellent choice for traveling. Compared to other brands, it is also less expensive and easier to store and carry than other types of organic baby food. It’s also widely available at major grocery stores and big box stores. For more information, check out the Cerebelly website.


For the healthiest and most nutritious baby food options, consider Holle. The company’s long-standing health-conscious farming roots date back to the 1930s, and it’s one of the world’s leading producers of baby formula. Holle Bio Stage 1 formula, which is made from cow’s milk, meets the high standards for biodynamic farming. Demeter certification requires the production facilities to be audited annually to maintain their status.

This organic baby food line combines 16 brain-supporting nutrients into a variety of products, from pouches to snack bars. All of its products contain no added sugar and have a wholesome veggie base, and parents appreciated the fruit and vegetable combinations. Cerebelly’s bone broth purees, for example, are packed with 5 grams of protein. Each pouch is certified with the Clean Label Project’s Purity Award, meaning it passed rigorous testing for 400 contaminants.

Organic formula is certified as organic by the USDA. Its ingredients are grown using methods that minimize the use of pesticides, growth hormones, and other chemicals. The USDA National Organic Program oversees the production of organic products, and it adheres to strict guidelines to preserve the quality of our environment. Organic products are also free of aluminum and BPA, and the labels will list ingredients that are both organic and non-GMO.

Once Upon a Farm

Once Upon a Farm happy baby organic foods are made from only the finest ingredients, with minimal processing. They start on organic farms and include skins for optimal nutrition. This wholesome meal option has a wide range of nutritional benefits, making it a great choice for any family. Whether your family has a busy schedule or a busy lifestyle, once Upon a Farm products can be delivered straight to your door in a convenient pouch.

Once Upon a Farm’s happy baby organic baby food is available in a variety of flavors, and there are many different varieties. The purees are generally simple to prepare for a baby around five months old. As the baby grows, they can move to a more challenging and interesting blend of ingredients, including shredded coconut and chia seeds. The whole family can eat the tasty food without any guilt!

Happy Baby organic baby food is made with only the best ingredients, including non-GMO pears grown through clean field farming practices. While Happy Baby is not as widely available as Beech-Nut Organics, it is available in most major stores. The products are made with vegetable-forward and no-sugar recipes, which parent testers appreciated. Additionally, the company offers purees based on bone broth.


Gerber organic baby food is certified by the USDA and is made with natural and organic ingredients. It has a wide variety of products for newborns and toddlers, as well as mamas. The company offers products for all stages of your child’s life, including baby formula, rice cereals, purees, table foods, snacks, and teething biscuits. All products are designed to promote healthy eating habits and prevent allergies.

You can purchase Gerber organic baby food in jars or containers, and you can choose from a variety of flavors. The company uses certified organic ingredients and has no preservatives or added sugar. This brand is also more affordable than other popular brands. For infants who are ready to move on to cereal, Gerber makes several stages of food in the Stage 1 and Stage 2 stages. These food are best for babies from four months to six months.

The company prioritizes a location for planting crops based on soil composition and climate. Tests are performed on the crops before planting to prevent contamination. Then they rotate crops according to the best available science. The ingredients are also regularly tested for safety and quality. Gerber is a founding member of the Baby Food Council. If you’re worried about your child’s health, make sure to check Gerber’s products.

Serenity Kids

Serenity Kids is one of the fastest-growing shelf-stable brands in the market. Its recent $7 million Series A funding round was led by CircleUp Growth Partners, who see the company as a brand to watch and believe in, and invested in it to help change the face of the baby food industry. Serenity Kids is committed to creating nutritionally sound products for babies, and focuses on organic, sustainably sourced and low-sugar foods.

With more than 7,800 locations in the United States, Serenity Kids has achieved significant growth in a short period of time. Its product range is extensive, including three varieties of organic baby foods and a line of premium frozen meals. The company uses its proprietary Helio data platform to measure the nutritional quality of its products, and partners with leading companies in their respective industries. For example, the global market for baby food is estimated to reach $25.6 billion by 2024.

While many brands of organic baby food are focused on providing only meat purees, Serenity Kids is different in that it offers a wide variety of protein products. The company also emphasizes the importance of introducing solid foods to babies at six months. The company’s savory and organic flavors are sure to please babies and parents alike. The company also offers a subscription service with a 20% discount. By signing up for the company’s newsletter, you’ll also receive exclusive coupons for 20% off your first order.

Happy Family

When you’re looking for organic baby food for your child, Happy Family should be on your list. The company makes baby food for all stages of their lives, including baby cereals, freeze-dried yogurt, finger foods with fruit, and more. Their products also feature a commitment to sustainable agriculture and use of post-recycled packaging. What’s more, they are certified B corporation. This is a mark of quality.

The company is one of the largest organic baby food producers in the United States. Happy Family was founded in 2003 by Shazi Visram, a woman of color and activist who focused on the importance of diversity and acceptance within the company. She recognized that black and Latino children were the ones most at risk of food insecurity. By focusing on diversity and acceptance, Happy Family has grown their company by more than eighty percent since the lockdown.

Another way to get more vitamins and minerals into your child is to feed him or her healthy snacks. Happy Family has developed fruit-filled snack pouches with coconut milk, dairy-free, and gluten-free ingredients. There are also cereals that are rich in vitamins and minerals. And if your baby’s eating a healthy diet is important to you, try Happy Family’s organic fruit and vegetable blends! This food is great for your little one and can also be a healthy treat for you.

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