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Happy State Bank is located at 100 East Main Street in Happy, Texas. You can visit their corporate headquarters to get the details of their locations, office hours, and phone number. Besides branch locations, the company offers several services on its website. These services range from loan products to mortgages. If you are looking for a convenient way to deposit a check, use the online banking option. This way, you can transfer money to other banks, as well.

Branch locations

The Happy State Bank is an FDIC-insured institution located at 100 East Main Street in Happy, Texas. The bank’s main office is open seven days a week and is located at the address above. For more information, visit the bank’s website or call one of its branches. If you are searching for branch locations, you can also check the bank’s corporate website for hours and contact information. If you do not see a branch location in your city, be sure to visit the Happy State Bank website or contact the bank directly.

Happy State Bank has outlets in several cities in Texas. There are two branches in Amarillo. If you are looking for one of these branches, you can contact them by phone or through e-mail. The website also includes maps and contact information. Happy State Bank is open during regular business hours. It is closed on federal holidays and on weekends. However, the bank has several other locations that are currently under construction. To locate a branch, visit its website or call the customer service number listed at the bottom of the page.

Loan types

Happy State Bank is a small Texas bank with a diverse loan portfolio. Commercial Real Estate, Commercial and Industrial Loans, and Construction and Development Loans are among the types of loans available from the bank. It has a higher percentage of Small Business Loans than many Texas banks, but the exact percentages can vary. Data is from the FDIC. The bank also has a strong reputation with the Better Business Bureau. Happy State Bank is a great place to do your banking!

You can apply for a personal loan at Happy State Bank. The bank also offers a mobile app. You can use Happy State Bank’s customer service for details about the types of loans available. Happy State Bank has a great reputation for offering personal loans and is covered by FDIC loss-sharing agreements. Before you apply, call the bank to ask about their current rates and terms. Also, note that some loan types may have additional requirements or restrictions.

The average loan fees at Happy State Bank were $4,936. The most common origination fees were $1k to $2k. The bank’s overall approval rate is below average, but the pick rate was below average. In 2021, Happy State Bank had 61 branches. It lent to borrowers with an income range of $50k-75k. Most of its loans were for homes worth up to $100k. And its net interest income was $100,294,000.

The bank has 43 branches in the Dallas-Fort Worth and northwest Texas areas. Its digital platform, Lightico, helps businesses collect and verify customer ID online. After collecting the necessary information, it sends customers a secure link, which opens into a messaging-like platform. The bank’s goal was to make the multiparty signature process faster and more efficient. COVID accelerated the process, and the app’s resemblance to text messaging was a major selling point for customers.

Loan rates

While the overall rate of interest at Happy State Bank is below the national average, it is still lower than many other banks. Their savings account offers a modest 1.75% interest rate, while their five-year CD offers 0.30%. The bank does have some restrictions on how you can access your money, but it still offers competitive rates when compared to other banks. The bank’s money market accounts have the lowest fees, too.

The loan portfolio of Happy State Bank consists of several different types of loans. This includes Commercial Real Estate, Multifamily Mortgage, 1-4 Family Mortgage, and Construction and Development Loans. The bank has a higher percentage of Small Business Loans than most Texas banks. Please note that percentages may not total to 100% due to double categorization and rounding. Data is from the FDIC. Please feel free to add any information that you find useful to help others make their decision.

The fee average at Happy State Bank was $4,936, with origination fees typically between $1k and $2k. In addition, the bank lent to borrowers with DTI ratios between twenty-five and thirty-six percent. Happy State Bank emphasized loans with a $100k-200k loan amount. In 2021, the bank had 61 branches. In the same year, its gross interest income from loans was $229,477,000, and its net interest income was $100,294,000.

In addition to the above, Happy State Bank offers a standard APY savings account. This account is good for stashing money. It also offers convenience for transferring money between accounts. If you need a loan, the bank offers competitive rates for all of their loan products. Customers can also use their mobile phones or web apps to conduct business. You may also receive the Truth in Savings Disclosure (TIS) from the bank.

Loan facilities on site

Loan facilities on site at Happy State Bank locations are available to customers. Happy State Bank provides savings, money market and checking accounts. The bank also partners with Zelle, a technology platform that lets users transfer money in just minutes to other bank accounts and mobile phone numbers across the U.S. This makes it easy to save money and send it to friends and family without ever leaving the comfort of your home. However, if you’re interested in investing your money, there are other options for acquiring funds.

Happy State Bank began operations in 1908 and operated in Happy, Texas for 81 years before being acquired by J. Pat Hickman and a group of investors. In 2004, Happy State Bank changed its name to Happy Bancshares, Inc., and the bank has expanded to 60 locations in 40 different communities. Loan facilities on site at Happy State Bank locations vary in size, but they are available for both personal and business customers.


Happy State Bank and Trust Company recently moved into a new HQ building in Lubbock. The new facility features four drive-up lanes, an ATM, a night depository, and safe deposit boxes. It is a 45,671-square-foot facility that also features office space for lease. Located on 98th Street and Quaker Avenue, the new headquarters will serve customers and employees in Lubbock, Texas.

The bank currently operates 34 branches in Texas, including offices in Canyon and Amarillo. In 2014, Happy State Bank had assets of $2.6 billion. The bank ranks #20 among Texas banks. With more than 900 employees, Happy State Bank serves more than 40 communities in Texas. And despite its large size, it still only has one physical branch in Happy. That’s why its headquarters is also its main location. The Happy State Bank is FDIC-insured, and the company has a wide range of financial services.

In addition to its headquarters, Happy State Bank has four more locations across the United States. The bank also has a branch in New York City. The bank’s total assets, loans, and deposits are estimated at $6.81 billion by 2021. The bank has 76 branches in Arkansas, 78 in Florida, and 62 in Texas. Besides Arkansas and Florida, it also has five branches in South Alabama. It has one office in New York City.

Happy State Bank offers several deposit products, including checking accounts, money market accounts, and CDs. It doesn’t offer the best savings rates, so be sure to compare rates at other banks. If you’re looking for higher returns, you’ll want to consider CDs. However, these options have a number of restrictions and are not recommended for people who need instant access to their money. Happy State Bank offers competitive CD rates when compared to the national average, but they should be compared to other banks.

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