harry potter baby toys

Harry Potter is one of the most popular children’s books of all time. Whether you want to introduce your child to the magic of the books or simply want to buy them some Harry Potter baby toys, there are plenty of products to choose from. There is an animated wand, Slytherin onesie, and Professor Snape rattle. These toys can help make your child’s fantasy world come true.

Animated wand

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your baby, consider an Animated Wand from Harry Potter. These interactive wands are modeled after popular characters from the books and films. They’re perfect for holiday and birthday gifts! There are several different types of these toys, including wands that are not associated with any of the characters.

The Elder Wand was used by Harry Potter when he was younger to help him defeat Voldemort. The Elder Wand has a legend behind it that tells it can help Harry defeat his enemies. However, the wand does not perform the same way it did in the books, so Voldemort ends up mistaking it for Snape’s wand.

Hedwig doll

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’ll want a Hedwig doll. This life-size owl is a fan favorite and comes with a secret compartment in her back. The plush toy is also able to make chirping sounds and has gripping feet.

You can even have her speak. Enchanting Hedwig is equipped with over fifteen different sounds. It responds to softly spoken words or loudly spoken words. It also recognizes the tone of your voice and can deliver messages. Hedwig will also nibble on your finger if it is held in her beak.

There are several Hedwig dolls for baby. The Enchanting Hedwig is nine inches tall and has a 12-inch perch. She also comes with a comb for her feathers and three AA batteries. She’s a great gift for a child who loves Harry Potter.

Hedwig dolls are also great for little girls and boys. They are cute and can be used as a prop in storytelling sessions. There are also several miniature versions of the characters. Hedwig dolls are the most popular among these. The smaller versions of the dolls are easy to assemble.

Slytherin onesie

If you’re planning to buy a Slytherin onesie for your newborn baby, you’ve come to the right place. This adorable outfit features a snake on one side and the phrase “I’m Slytherrific!” underneath it. This is a great way for your baby to show off his or her house crest!

Baby Harry Potter toys are a great way to introduce your child to the wizarding world. These adorable plush toys are 8 inches tall and feature the iconic features of Harry Potter. Even though they won’t guarantee your child’s love of the books and movies, they are perfect for cuddling and playing with.

Professor Snape rattle

Baby dolls inspired by Harry Potter are a great way to encourage creative play with your child. These dolls come with a personalized wand, which is perfect for creating imaginary stories with your child. They’re perfect for giving to a 6 year old, too!

There are so many different characters to choose from. Some are based on real people, while others are inspired by the characters that you loved as a kid. You can also choose a doll that features a famous character like Dumbledore or Snape. If your child has a favorite character, you can even find Professor Snape dolls that come with a character’s name or other details.

Luna Lovegood doll

The Luna Lovegood doll is an eight-inch doll with wand and removable shoes. She features detailed hair and facial details, and is a great gift for any little girl who loves the Harry Potter series. You can also find her in a calendar with 24 characters from the Harry Potter series. The doll is also compatible with the Harry Potter storybook books, and includes a wand accessory for storytelling play.

Luna’s adorable look will have young fans imagining their favourite scenes from the movie. Her playset comes with a hanging bucket and an apple. The doll can even hold an apple and look for creatures in the tree. Her wand matches Luna’s in the film series.

Both 8-inch dolls are also available separately. They’re a great gift idea for a girl turning five or a fan of the Harry Potter books or movies. The Harry Potter 8-inch dolls are the perfect gift for a young girl who loves the book series or who wants to collect them for herself.

Harry Potter toys are also great for encouraging creativity and imagination. You’ll find several games, puzzles, and books based on the series, and you can even decorate your child’s room with the various toys. There are also Harry Potter LEGOs and jigsaw puzzles, which will inspire your child to build with their favorite characters.

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