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One of the best ways to find houses for sale in Sandwich, MA is to use a site like Point2. Point2 allows you to sort homes by price, location, and recent price drop. It also saves searches and sends you emails daily containing matching listings. The site provides a wealth of information about Sandwich real estate, including property descriptions, photos, and demographic stats.

Point2 allows you to sort homes for sale in Sandwich, MA

Point2 is a real estate website that allows you to search and sort homes for sale in Sandwich, MA. You can narrow your search to specific keywords or filter by recent price drops. The site also lets you save your search and receive daily emails containing matching listings. It provides a wealth of information on Sandwich, MA real estate, including property descriptions, photos, demographic stats, and a comprehensive market overview.

Whether you’re looking for a home on the Cape Cod coast or one just a few miles away, Sandwich is an attractive place to live. The area boasts miles of beaches and a canal that offers stunning views of passing vessels. The Sandwich Marina, which is the only harbor along the canal, is a popular spot for commercial fishermen.

Sandwich is Cape Cod’s oldest town

Sandwich is the oldest town on Cape Cod, and is home to some of the most historic buildings. The town was founded in 1637 and incorporated two years later. The historic center is packed with historic sites, including two historic homesteads that are among the oldest houses on the Cape. You’ll also find a number of antique stores, art galleries, and rare book stores in this town.

Before European colonization, Sandwich was inhabited by Native Americans. During the early contact period, Eastern Algonquian-speaking Wampanoag lived here. They helped the Pilgrims establish the Plymouth Colony, but they lost significant numbers of their people and cultural heritage. Despite these setbacks, the Wampanoag still live on the Cape and have an ongoing effort to revive their language.

Hoxie House: In Sandwich’s historic center, you can tour the Hoxie House, which was built in 1675. This house is an example of a saltbox-style house. It features two stories in the front and one story in the back. It is also famous for its steeply-sloping roof.

Sandwich is home to many world-famous historical sites and museums. You can tour the Heritage Plantation, the oldest house on Cape Cod, and the Thornton Burgess Museum. There’s also a beautiful beach here, and a wide variety of accommodations. From quaint colonial homes to a beautiful inn, Sandwich has something to offer everyone.

The town is governed by an open town meeting, with selectmen appointing a town manager. The town has a police department with three stations, three post offices, and a public library. The town also has a public access television station, Sandwich Community TV, which archives government meetings.

While Sandwich is a modern town, its historic charm is also present. The town’s town common is surrounded by ancient shade trees. Historic Route 6A winds through the town and features many galleries and shops. You can browse antiques and take classes on glass-blowing. There are also plenty of museums to visit for art lovers.

Before the Industrial Revolution, Sandwich was a small town of fishermen and farmers. However, in the 1820s, the town’s economy was transformed. A businessman from Boston, Deming Jarves, decided to build a glass factory here and the town grew into one of the largest glassware-producing towns in the world. It employed more than 500 workers by the 1850s and produced over 5 million pieces of glass every year. The town also benefited from a canal that passed through the town. This canal allowed the goods to be shipped easily from New York, New Jersey, and Western Massachusetts.

Life in Sandwich is a one-of-a-kind experience

Sandwich is a legendary town, offering both historic charm and welcoming hospitality. The town is located on the widest sea-level canal in the world and features miles of coastal marsh and active fishing communities. If you enjoy the outdoors, you can kayak the meandering salt marshes or hike a ridge in Maple Swamp. The city also boasts a picturesque boardwalk that spans the bay.

Sandwich’s vibrant history and rich heritage are preserved in several museums. The Heritage Museums & Gardens boasts a working carousel and an antique car museum. Other attractions include the Wing Fort House and the 1678 Benjamin Nye Homestead & Museum, which pay tribute to Sandwich’s ancestors. Visitors can also enjoy the quieter pleasures of nature at the Green Briar Nature Center.

It’s centrally located

This historic seaside town is nestled between the Cape Cod Canal and the Cape Cod Bay. Known for its preserved heritage, it offers many attractions for visitors to see. Many of the town’s homes are National Landmark treasures, and date as far back as the 1600s. Throughout the village, you’ll see quaint colonial houses and steepled churches. Also worth a visit is the town hall, which features Greek Revival architecture and was originally constructed in 1834.

This town is governed by an open town meeting system, and is home to a local board of selectmen. The town also has a police department, a fire department with three stations, and three post offices. In addition, there is a public library in the town center, which is a member of the Old Colony Library Network, Southeastern Massachusetts Regional Library System, and the Massachusetts Library Information Network. Another public facility is a public access television station, Sandwich Community TV, which archives government meetings.

The town is well connected to Boston by train. The Massachusetts Coastal Railroad provides freight rail service to Sandwich, and the Cape Cod Central Railroad operates tourist excursions between Hyannis and Buzzards Bay. The town also has MBTA commuter rail stations at Kingston/Route 3 and Middleborough/Lakeville. The CapeFlyer provides seasonal passenger rail service to Boston.

Sandwich is home to several historic sites, including the Benjamin Nye Homestead, built in 1698. It’s also home to the Benjamin Holway House, which was a 1789 restoration. The town was also an early Quaker settlement. The Sandwich Quaker Meeting is the oldest continuously held Quaker meeting in the U.S. There are many prominent families with Quaker roots.

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