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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond requires you to use exclusive items to evolve. A Water Stone is one of those items. It’s necessary to evolve your Pokémon’s abilities and moveset, and this item is essential to the game. Learn more about the Water Stone and its evolutionary potential! Listed below are some of the benefits of this item and how to get one. Also, learn about the names of each water stone. This article is written to help you get your very first water stone.

Water Stone

In Pokemon: Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond, you can find the Water Stone in several locations. It can be found in the shallow water on the extreme east side of Route 213, just north of two swimmers. It can also be found in the caverns inside the Solaceon Ruins. It is also found on an island in the middle of Route 230. If you want to find it quicker, the easiest way is to head to the water area on the northern end of Route 213.

The first Water Stone is found on Route 213. It is a blue gem that allows Pokemon to evolve. The Water Stone is located on the eastern part of Route 213. To reach the area, you must use Surf. You can use this ability after defeating Crasher Wake at the Pastoria City Gym. This can also be found in the Great Underground. You can collect multiple Water Stones at a time. Just keep collecting them until you find a complete set.

When you get all five Water Stones, you’ll be able to evolve five water-type Pokemon. If you don’t have them, you can trade them for other Pokemon. You’ll have to spend a large amount of time fishing and training. You can also farm the Evolution Stones with other players. These are two rare gems that you can use to level up your Pokemon. You can also use them to evolve other Pokemon.

The Fire Stone is located near a rock in the Fuego Ironworks building. You can also find this gem by digging bulging walls in the Grand Underground. In later games, the Magnezone evolves with a special magnetic field at Mt Coronet. It can also evolve with the Thunder Stone. These two stones are also found in the Floaroma Meadow, as well as in the Flowerbeds and Bulging Walls in Grand Underground.

If you’re new to Pokemon games, you may be wondering where to find the next Poke Ball. Well, the southeast part of Pastoria City is a good place to find one. A Poke Ball is floating in the water and is surrounded by rocks. You can also go underground to play a fun minigame known as mining. While you’re digging, you’ll find treasures and items that can help you earn more coins. While you’re mining, you can use your pickaxe and sledgehammer to break larger chunks and smaller treasures. The sledgehammer will make the wall fall faster, so be careful when using it.

Dusk Stone

The Dusk Stone is one of the many evolution stones that Pokemon games have. Similar to the Water Stone, Fire Stone, and Thunder Stone, these are one-time-use items that will allow you to evolve certain Pokemon. The Dusk Stone is similar, though it is not found as often, as it is found in both Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond. Regardless of which game you’re playing, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter a Dusk Stone at some point in your journey.

You can acquire Dusk Stones by defeating opposing Pokemon with the Pick Up Ability. A Pokemon with this ability can be found in the Veilstone City cave, and it can steal them from other Pokemon. In addition, a Pokemon with the Pick Up Ability may pick up a Dusk Stone even if they faint. This Pokemon is Pachirisu, which has the Pick Up ability. It is best to use a Pokemon with this ability if you want to earn Dusk Stones.

In addition to this evolution stone, the Dusk Stone can also be used to evolve four Pokemon. You can evolve Murkrow into Honchkrow and Misdreavus into Mismagius and Lampent into Doublade and Aegislash. These three Pokemon aren’t available in the X and Y games, but they do have a decent chance of evolving. If you want to get a Dusk Stone to evolve your Pokemon, you should make sure it has the Pickup ability. Using this ability can increase your chance of getting a Pickup item after a battle, but you must ensure that the Pokemon you’re trying to evolve isn’t already holding another item in your party.

The Dusk Stone can also be found in the Pokemon League. To get a Dusk Stone, you need to defeat the Team Galactic Commander Jupiter at Lake Acuity and pick up a Storage Key item in Veilstone City. You’ll find the Dusk Stone near a computer. The first shot you take at it is after you’ve defeated Team Galactic Commander Jupiter. After that, you need to take out a NPC in the cave, as well as run over the bridge, go under a bridge, and climb up stairs.


Obtaining a Feraligatr requires a lot of candy. Feraligatr has one of the highest Attack stats of any Water-type Pokemon. It is also quite reliable, but it has only one move option, Water Stone. Nonetheless, this Water-type Pokemon is a great choice for beginners. Fortunately, it can also evolve into a Croconaw, which is a surprisingly rare spawn in the Grand Underground.

The Water Stone can be found in several locations in the game. In Route 213, players can find it in the shallow waters north of two swimmers. The Water Stone can also be found in the caverns of Solaceon Ruins, as well as on an island in the middle of Route 230. In addition to these locations, there is a way to obtain the Water Stone by completing the quests in Shining Pearl using hidden moves.

Once you obtain the Water Stone, you can use it to evolve into any of the game’s popular characters. The Water Stone is the most popular evolutionary stone in Pokemon games, as it allows players to evolve many fan favorites. It can be obtained in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Those who wish to obtain their own Water Stone should head to the game’s website to learn more. If you are looking to purchase one, there are several ways to find a Water Stone in Pokemon games.

The game also has several powerful water-type Pokemon. Both Shining Pearl and Feraligatr feature the Sinnoh region. This area has been around for a very long time, and is the home of many powerful Pokemon. So, it’s important to choose a water-type Pokemon for your team. You’ll find that it can take on many difficult endgame content. It’s also useful in the early game as you progress through levels.


The Pokemon Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond contain three spawn locations for Swampert. You can find it by walking through Fountainspring Cave, catching it when it gets to a high enough level, and using the National Pokedex. Swampert is a Water and Ground Type, so attacks from Grass-type Pokemon will cause more damage. The following moves can be used to make Swampert more powerful.

The Water Stone can be found in several places in the game. In Route 213, the player can find a Water Stone in shallow water on the eastern side, near two swimmers. The Water Stone can also be found inside caverns in the Solaceon Ruins and on an island in the middle of Route 230. You can also find a Water Stone by swimming and using a Pokemon with the hidden move Surf.

The water type Pokemon have strong defensive stats and can switch in safely against metastaples. These Pokemon can also tank with a defensive RestTalk set. Once you have mastered these two Pokemon, you can tackle more difficult endgame content with your new favorites. It’s also an excellent choice for a deck due to its Intimidate ability. This Pokemon is capable of switching into many different roles, so you should know how to use it correctly.

The water type Pokemon are rare in the Sinnoh remakes, and Mudkip can be acquired using a single Rare Candy. However, they are difficult to find as they are extremely rare. In the game, they spawn in Fountainspring Cave, Riverbank Cave, and Still-Water Cavern. However, they do have some specialized features. It can even OHKO a Dragon! It is important to note that the water types Pokemon have higher Attack stats than the ground-type Pokemon.

If you have the opportunity to find a Water Stone in Pokemon BDSP, you should go to the Grand Underground. The game has an extensive underground area, and you can find a Water Stone if you dig deep enough. You can also find Fossil Pokemon in the Grand Underground. Just make sure that you have the National Dex for your Pokemon game. If you do find one, you can use it to train your Pokemon in new moves.

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