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If you’ve ever been in the diamond store and wondered what to do when the guards aren’t cooperating, you’re not alone. There are tips to help you neutralize the guards in the diamond store, including: Keeping a look out for eye-clean diamonds, using a map of the store, and neutralizing guards in the store. You can also read about the best places to shop for diamonds in Payday 2.

Payday 2 heists at the diamond store

PAYDAY 2 has recently released a free heist for players to try. This heist, titled “The Diamond Store,” takes place in downtown Washington D.C. This store has high-end fashion jewelry made mostly of diamonds. However, the store is guarded by alarms that sound when the thieves try to break in. This makes the heist a bit of a challenge, but the experience reward is high.

Despite the security measures, you need to be quick and accurate in order to get the Diamond. There are numerous ways to get a Diamond in this heist, from lockpicking to satchel charging. However, you must be careful when doing this because the security cameras can be easily overlooked. Fortunately, this problem has been fixed in Update #50.

One thing to keep in mind when performing the Diamond Store heist is that there are limited wandering pedestrians in this level. Once you tie them down, they will never respawn. The best place to grab them is halfway toward the car dealership across the street and ahead of the escape van.

The diamond store heist requires a lot of planning. It takes a coordinated strategy and a stealthy approach, but the reward is well worth it! A stealthy team can complete this job without alarms and without huge losses. The team should also try to avoid setting off the display case alarm. By doing so, they will have an opportunity to disable it before it goes off.

This heist requires players to pick up the door to the diamond store. The door is protected by pressure plates and cameras. Pressing the wrong pressure plate will activate an alarm. Alternatively, the player can use a Nimble ace to pick locks and rewire the doors. This is necessary if they want to avoid any ECM jammers. The timer can vary depending on the difficulty.

The game supports multiplayer and cooperative modes. It features hundreds of updates since it was first released in 2013. This has added more missions, playable characters, weapons, and other game features. Millions of players have contributed to the game’s progression.

Tip to find an eye-clean diamond for the best price

One way to save money at the diamond store is to find an eye-clean diamond. Often the price difference between an eye-clean diamond and a flawless diamond is huge. However, this difference is hard to discern without magnification. The best way to determine whether a diamond is eye-clean is to look at it under HD photography or videography. You should also examine it in natural daylight away from bright lights.

When shopping for an eye-clean diamond, try to avoid diamonds that are too big. In general, heart-shaped diamonds are eye-cleaner than other shapes. Diamonds cut in this way hide imperfections better than other shapes, such as cushion cuts and step cuts. Heart-shaped diamonds also tend to be more affordable than diamonds that are step-cut or princess cuts.

The best clarity grade for an eye-clean diamond is VS to SI2. This type of diamond is also called a transparent diamond. A VVS grade is best for a three-carat stone. Avoid stones with an I1 or I3 grade, because these stones will show all kinds of inclusions. Also, when shopping offline, it is best to view the stone under natural light. Daylight is best for this.

The carat weight and cut of a diamond also play an important role in determining its eye-cleanness. Diamonds with a SI2 or lower carat weight are almost always eye-clean. But diamonds of a higher carat weight may have to be graded as VS1 or VVS2.

While a VVS1 diamond may be a better choice if the price is too high, it’s worth settling for an eye-clean diamond if it is in your budget. The inclusions will make it more vulnerable to breakage or chipping. Luckily, the diamond setting can hide inclusions.

Ways to neutralize guards in the diamond store

You can neutralize guards at a diamond store in a few different ways. One method is to destroy the security cameras. This will cause the guards to investigate the cameras and the camera room can be approached safely once all of the guards are dead. Another method is to disable the display case alarm. This method can be done by obtaining the keycard for the manager from his office, which can be found next to the stairs.

Another way to neutralize guards is to use the drone’s shocker. This will shock any guards near the securicar, which will disable the alarm. To use this method, the drone needs to shoot at the control panel in the room to the left of the entrance. Once the drone has shot at the panel, it will shut down, and you can then use the drone to pick up the diamond suitcase that is being held by the guard. Be aware that if the drone shoots a guard, more will be nearby to shoot at the drone, so always keep an eye out.

Location of the diamond store

If you’re looking for a diamond store in Toronto, then you have a couple of choices. First, you can try visiting the Diamond District on 47th Street. This is the center of the diamond industry and contains a plethora of diamond shops. Some of these stores are standalone stores, while others are home to multiple jewelry counters.

Another option is to find the Titan safe in the Falcogini store. The clerk is usually alone when you visit, but you can also spawn a civilian through the store’s front window. One player can drill the safe to get a Titan, but you’ll probably be accompanied by guards.

There are many types of diamond stores and you’ll want to make sure you’re selecting a store that is located in a city that has an active diamond industry. New York City is the most popular city for diamonds and jewelry, as it is the largest retail and wholesale market in the world. It is also home to many of the world’s leading companies.

Roman Malakov is happy to serve customers in New York’s Diamond District. This area is famous for its sophistication, exclusivity, and class. Roman is inspired by New York’s most prestigious jewelry shops, and shares their passion for beauty. Whether you want to buy a single diamond or a whole collection of diamonds and jewelry, Roman Malakov is the store for you.

When choosing a diamond, make sure to check its clarity. A diamond with no visible flaws is ideal. Typically, eye-clean diamonds are graded VS1 or VS2, and they’ll be considerably cheaper than higher-grade diamonds. You can also try using a bright light to hide any imperfections.

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