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If you’re looking for a trademarked s star logo for your new company, you’ve come to the right place. The data on the logo’s serial number comes from the trademark filing. The owner filed the trademark application on behalf of the company, and the S star logo is now classified as a DEVICE. You’ll find a few other interesting facts about this logo. Read on to learn more about how to protect the S star logo.

Letter S with star

The letter “S” is an iconic symbol of power, elegance, determination, and decisiveness. The letter can be incorporated into many different logo designs, including the iconic “McDonald’s” logo. There are many different types of letter logos available, and a letter logo design company will have plenty of ideas to help you decide which one to use. Below are some examples of logos that incorporate the letter “S.”

A professionally designed letter “S” logo is a great way to convey a brand’s personality. Not only does it help potential customers understand a product’s fit with its name, it can also tell a story. With the help of a professional designer, you can easily create a unique logo for your business or company. This process is easy and affordable, with logo designers all over the world pitching their ideas and feedback to help you choose the best one.

Blue and red color

The S star logo in blue and red is one of the most iconic and recognizable symbols of the Japanese automaker, Subaru. The logo includes six recognizable four-pointed stars with elongated rays and bold bodies. The stars represent the Seven Sisters Constellation, which is named Subaru in Japanese. The color palette is inspired by the night sky with blinking stars. However, you should avoid overusing the blue color to create a serious look for your brand.

Blue is a popular color used for corporate logos. The color blue is soothing and calm, and it conveys a sense of loyalty and professionalism. Many strong brands use blue in their logos. Pepsi, for instance, has long used a white-red combination as a logo color. The two colors work well together to express the brand’s emotional values. The cool colors of red and the energy of blue make a bold statement about the product.

Modern design

The Famous Stars & Straps logo demonstrates an appealing modern design. This logo is created with a cursive font and a simple star vector. It is a very simple, clean design that stands out from the rest. The star is shaped like an F, representing the brand name. However, this design still manages to convey a very powerful message. As such, it is a great choice for a business that is looking for a sleek yet playful logo.

The iconic Chrysler logo is a great example of a modern design for an s star. Its star is surrounded by a solid pentagon, a geometric figure that is closely associated with the brand. This adds volume and lightness to the main symbol, enhancing the badge’s look. Its thin rays, meanwhile, stand for progress and motion. Additionally, its rounded edges make the design seem more modern.

A star symbol is a popular logo symbol. It conveys a sense of power, guidance, and protection. A business that uses a star symbol is demonstrating excellence, professionalism, and quality to their customers. It can also be used in a variety of ways, including in a logo. If used well, the star logo can be very effective for a business. However, be careful about how you use it, as not all users will be interested in what you’re offering.

National Star College & Foundation needed a more professional brand and logo design for its UK branch. As it’s approaching a growth stage, the Foundation is aiming to expand its services and make its cause more well-known throughout the UK. A good logo design will go a long way in helping this organization achieve these goals. The problem is that it’s currently unknown outside of the disability sector. This will pose a challenge to the expansion.


The ENERGY STAR program is a government-backed symbol for energy efficiency. It provides consumers with simple, unbiased information about energy-saving products and services. The program is backed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Since 1992, energy-efficient products and services have helped Americans avoid $450 billion in energy costs, save more than 4 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, and save millions of dollars in utility bills.

To make the most of the program, consumers should look for the Energy Star label on products. This label must be clearly visible, and most products have it on the outside. Some manufacturers place it inside the product, so it’s important to examine both the interior and exterior labels. Ask the salesperson to help consumers find the label. These products must meet the energy efficiency requirements established by the EPA. These requirements are mandatory for all energy-efficient products, but some manufacturers may choose to hide them.

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