There are many ways to sell your ring near you. Your local jeweler is an obvious choice, but he or she may sell to a smaller market than you do. You can also consider a consignment sale, but you should note that there is no guarantee of a sale. A pawn broker may be convenient, but he or she may not know how to value your ring. Another option is an auction house, which can help you sell your ring for more. Keep in mind that these options require fees, which can cut into your profit.

Abe Mor offered to sell my ring

If you live in New York City, you can sell your old diamond ring to an online site like Abe Mor. The company has become a leading online jewelry buyer thanks to its services. They purchase jewelry for cash and arrange the shipping of your diamond jewelry. They also offer free insurance for your purchase up to $100,000 and professional photos and descriptions of your ring. Abe Mor has been around for more than 50 years and has crafted its process to be as fast and easy as possible.

The prices are competitive and the service is excellent. Considering that they are wholesalers, Abe Mor doesn’t offer many perks, but the quality is high. They even pay for shipping insurance and offer competitive value assessments. They also offer a guarantee of customer satisfaction. They are not your typical retailer, but they offer a unique experience for consumers that can’t be found elsewhere. Also, the services they offer are much more personalized than those of most competitors.

ABE MOR is a true industry insider. They do not offer a website with a full inventory. You can’t order jewelry online; you’ll need to speak with a representative. Their service is personalized and they take the time to find the perfect diamond and build a stunning setting. The only negative of Abe Mor is that they limit the number of clients they accept. That’s probably why they have such a high rate of customer satisfaction.


Whether you have an old wedding ring or an heirloom diamond pendant, selling your jewelry for cash is easy. You no longer have to visit a store to sell your diamonds – there are several companies that will purchase your jewelry online. Once you find the right company for your jewelry, the rest is easy. Most companies provide step-by-step directions for the entire process, making it easy to get the cash you deserve.

Your ring’s value will be determined by the price of comparable items. Worthy will send you a dollar amount for your diamond. This is an accurate value because they compare your diamond to similar items. Your diamond is a unique stone with over 20 characteristics. So, the buyer of CashforDiamonds will be able to determine its value by its shape and other characteristics. It is also worth noting that it is important that the appraiser has at least some knowledge of the local diamond market.

Before selling your diamond, you should shop around and get a few quotes. Make sure to get your offer in writing so that you can avoid surprises and hidden fees. Make sure to read and understand the terms and conditions of any diamond-buying company you choose. By doing so, you can make sure you get the best price possible for your diamond. Remember that it will be safe to sell your diamond online with CashforDiamonds.

A second option is a site that provides appraisal services. These companies use industry-leading GIA standards to appraise diamonds. They provide free shipping, and you can receive an appraisal in 24 hours. Additionally, they accept all kinds of jewelry, including diamond rings and loose stones. Moreover, CashforDiamonds also offers to remove broken jewelry. So, sell my ring near me with CashforDiamonds

Have You Seen The Ring

Have You Seen The Ring? is a unique online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of engagement rings and loose diamonds. Established in 2010, this marketplace specializes in diamonds and engagement rings and has helped hundreds of satisfied buyers sell their items. All items are authentic and guarantee the highest level of customer satisfaction. Users can browse through their inventory with ease and receive funds instantly. Just be sure to include the ring’s GIA certificate and receipt so that the buyer can have peace of mind.

While it may be tempting to try to sell your ring to pawn shops for fast cash, these services are not reputable. Be sure to check out their Better Business Bureau ratings and online reviews before you choose one. While pawnbrokers will never give you the best possible price for your ring, you can often negotiate up to a decent price. To avoid being scammed, remember to read reviews online or ask friends and family for recommendations before visiting a pawnshop.

When selling your ring to a friend, be sure to disclose the price and payment terms to ensure that you get the best value for your ring. Often, friends are willing to purchase a ring from a friend, so it is important to choose the right pal. Ideally, a buyer who will pay a fair price and will keep it in safe custody is your best bet.


If you are looking to sell a ring, you should consider selling it through Worthy. They sell engagement and wedding rings and pay you the final sale price, minus a commission. The commission amount ranges from 10% to 18%. You can pay Worthy through PayPal, bank transfer, or paper check. The payment amount can be transferred to you within a few days. Worthy has a high customer satisfaction rate, with over 1,800 reviews on TrustPilot.

Worthy works with diamond buyers who know the market value of diamond rings. When you list your ring with Worthy, the company contacts diamond buyers directly, ensuring that they have the funds to make the transaction. Worthy will deduct a success fee from the final deal amount, so you don’t have to worry about getting scammed. If you don’t get a reasonable price, you can even return the item and get your money back – no risk!

Worthy accepts jewelry via FedEx and is a good place to sell expensive rings that you can’t sell through a normal method. The buyers seem professional and will try to make a profit by buying the stone alone, but if the ring doesn’t come with a setting, it may be a better choice to sell the entire ring. However, the buyer will ask you to take out the stone and re-set it yourself if it is a replacement.

A trusted auction website, Worthy helps you maximize the value of your jewelry when selling it. Their auction listings come complete with a third-party grading report and professional photos. A professional appraisal report provides valuable details and estimates of market value. The Worthy team also offers fast payment once your item sells. It’s easy to sell your jewelry through Worthy – sign up today and get the most for your diamond!

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