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Whether you’re drinking the beverage cold or hot, an iced coffee picture is sure to catch attention. They’re beautiful to look at, whether taken from above or below. Here are some tips for capturing the best iced coffee picture possible. Enjoy! Also, be sure to check out our social media accounts showcasing iced coffee. We’ve compiled some of our favorites. Scroll down to see them all!

Preparation of iced coffee

Making iced coffee is as simple as pouring hot coffee into a pitcher and adding ice. But before you make this beverage, you must follow some steps. Otherwise, you will end up with watery iced coffee. Pour hot coffee into the pitcher and let it sit until the ice is at room temperature. Use a clean finger to test the ice to see if it’s mostly melted.

If you prefer, you can use cubed ice to chill your iced coffee. You can also add ice, but ice cubes will dilute the iced coffee. Using a drink shaker makes it even easier. However, don’t forget to stir your ice cubes well before adding the water to your drink. Once the ice cubes are melted, the coffee will have a watery appearance.

First, you must prepare 8 ounces of hot water. Pour the water slowly into the grounds. The coffee will begin to bloom, which releases aromatic compounds. Next, let it drain. Pour hot coffee directly onto the ice, allowing it to cool and keep the aromas. You may have leftover coffee concentrate that you want to use for another drink, but this won’t taste the same as freshly brewed coffee.

Social media accounts that feature iced coffee

In a recent article published on the LGBTQ news website New Now Next, a writer remarked that the gay community has been mocked over their affinity for iced coffee. The iced beverage can be customized, whether by adding sugar or a sugar-free syrup. Its popularity among gay people is comparable to that of suburban moms enjoying a glass of pinot grigio. But the iced coffee isn’t just an everyday drink; it’s a queer avatar that can signal queerness.

One social media account that celebrates iced coffee is Sonder Coffee and Tea. The coffee shop in Denver has a vibrant Instagram page that not only shows off its gorgeous shop but also highlights the amazing concoctions served there. Using videos and blend descriptions, Sonder Coffee and Tea shows off what happens on a typical day for their baristas, including the preparation of their drinks. This account is worth following!

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