international pickup for sale

The International pickup for sale is one of the pioneers of the all-steel truck bed. The bed measures eight feet and features a 125-inch wheelbase. The exterior of this pickup features chrome trim, including the hood ornament, door handles, and accessory front bumper. Inside, the interior is working class. A bench seat with green vinyl covering has been replaced, the floor has a reproduction rubber mat, and the door panels are painted to match the body color.

KB-series pickups

International KB-series pickups are a classic example of purpose-built simplicity. They are rarer today than they were when they were first introduced. They are not expensive by today’s standards, but their rarity does not make them unobtainable. Depending on the condition, a 1949 1/2-ton International KB-1 can fetch anywhere from $5,000 to $22,000, with an average of around $10,000.

These trucks were built for pulling heavier loads and featured gearing in the transmission and rearend. The most basic gearing was 3.72:1, with 4.18 and 5.11 available. Options included dual taillamps, a rear bumper, and directional lamps. Other standard features included dual electric windshield wipers and a radio. Some were equipped with other options, such as a heater and radio. Depending on the condition of your truck, you might even be able to find an International KB-series pickup for sale in Hemmings Motor News.

In the post-war years, International Harvester Company produced a series of pickups that won acclaim for their style and reliability. These trucks were extremely popular, and they dominated the market from 1940 to 1947. The L-series trucks became the most popular models in the 1950s, and International Harvester produced over 122,000 KB-1 and KB-2 pickup trucks. Even today, you can find these trucks for sale in almost any state.

Regardless of your taste, a 1947 International KB-1 pickup truck is an outstanding example of the era. Restored to show-standards, this truck is an incredible addition to any collection of vintage trucks. Its distinctive style will definitely set it apart in a crowded field. Its rust-free body and grille marker make it an appealing addition to any collection. You can be sure you’ll be pleased with the look of this truck.

1934 International Harvester

A 1934 International Harvester for sale is a perfect piece of vintage Americana for any collector. The truck’s interior is just as comfortable as it was when it was new. The truck’s burgundy metallic paint adds a touch of class to the vintage vehicle. The truck’s interior is fully equipped with comfortable seats, custom gauges, and a chrome plated steering wheel. There are just a few bright spots on the car.

1949 International Harvester

This vintage truck is a great investment, whether you’re interested in cruising the open road or hauling hay. This truck features a 350 V8 engine and a three-speed transmission and has less than nine thousand miles. The truck’s previous owner acquired it from a museum in 2007 and refurbished it extensively. Work included rebuilding the carburetor and addressing body work, suspension, and fuel system. Other restoration projects included new tires, a new interior, and a carburetor. It is also sold with a clean Kansas title.

The pickup’s 125-inch wheelbase and 8-foot bed make it the first truck to feature an all-steel bed. Chrome trim is prominent throughout, including the hood ornament, door handles, and the accessory front bumper. The interior is plain but functional, featuring a green vinyl bench seat that was recently replaced during a freshening. The floors have been fitted with a reproduction rubber mat. The simple door panels match the body color.

International Harvester Trucks have long been considered among the finest-looking and most practical of their era. Known as “K” series, these trucks feature a pre-war design in a post-war context. The KB series features a variety of different models, ranging from half-ton to 90,000 lbs. The KB-1 and KB-2 trucks were introduced in 1947. Between 1947 and 1949, 122,000 of these trucks were sold. The KB-1 is a prime example of a 1950s International Harvester for sale.

1949 International Light Line pickups

Looking for 1949 International Light Line pickups for sale? Then you’ve come to the right place. These classic cars have just about every characteristic you could ask for and a great deal more. These pickups were pioneers in their class and feature all-steel beds. They also have an imposing 125-inch wheelbase and are decorated with chrome trim that includes the hood ornament, door handles, and accessory front bumper. Inside, the 1949 International Light Line pickups for sale feature a working-class interior with a large International emblem. The front end has a split rear window, a roll pan, and tri-bar fog lamps placed ahead of the mesh grille.

The original International truck is an original from the 1940s. It was bought by the seller’s father and used as a vegetable delivery truck. It features a three-speed column transmission and even has a novelty clown horn. The seller’s dad used to use this truck to drum up business when delivering vegetables. The seller has cleaned the inside of the truck and replaced the fuel tank. The tires still have a good deal of tread. The truck still starts and drives like it did 70 years ago.

1949 International Harvester in Thief River Falls, MN

When you are looking for a 1949 International Harvester for sale in Thieef River Falls, Minnesota, you may want to consider a new or used one. The 1949 model year marked the first redesign of truck models since 1937, which means they were all completely new. The L-110 model was the smallest in the consumer market, which many owners appreciated, and the restyled front end was a hit with consumers.

The seller recently repainted this truck red and added several modern features, including front turn signals, an exterior storage box, towing mirrors, and International Harvester-logo mud flaps. He noted that the truck has some minor imperfections, including a chip on the rear window. The seller also resealed the wood-slat platform bed, which features stake pockets and wooden side panels.

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