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If you are looking for a Japanese restaurant in the heart of Denver, you have come to the right place. Find out about the location, the Menu, and how to contact the restaurant. Whether you want to enjoy authentic Japanese dishes or try something new, you can find the information you need here.

Japanese restaurant in the heart of Denver

A Japanese restaurant in the heart of Denver offers a unique experience. In addition to a variety of sushi rolls, this restaurant also offers daily specials and a happy hour. It is operated by Chef Tyson Cole, an award-winning American Sushi Master from Texas. A visit to this restaurant will make you appreciate the delicate touch and freshness of the sushi served in Denver.

The restaurant is located on the 16th Street Mall, which is home to plenty of entertainment options. Carri’s expert tip is to stop by on Crunchy Thursdays, when you can get crunchy rolls for just $4, and enjoy a $5 Sapporo. The food is delicious and the service is friendly, so there is no reason not to come back again.


The menu at Japan restaurant in Denver, NC, is a unique culinary experience. The restaurant offers a variety of Japanese and Chinese dishes. Many of these dishes can be enjoyed raw or prepared in different ways. Among the more unique items is the jalapeno-infused yellowtail sashimi. The Japanese food at Japan restaurant is prepared by highly trained and skilled chefs.

The restaurant specializes in fresh sushi. Other items include hot ramen, sashimi, and more. For your convenience, the menu at Japan restaurant in Denver, NC can be ordered online. The restaurant is also conveniently located and offers ample parking. There is even bike parking outside the restaurant. The atmosphere at Japan restaurant in Denver, NC is comfortable and inviting. If you’re looking for a casual and authentic Japanese dining experience, Japan restaurant is the perfect choice.

Contact information

Japan Restaurant is a Japanese restaurant in Denver, NC. Here is the contact information for this establishment. You can also view their menus. Please note that these menus are for reference purposes only and can change without notice. Therefore, it is best to contact the restaurant directly before placing an order.

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