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If you’re looking for a green option for your baby’s wipes, you’ve probably come across the Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes. These wipes are made from Tencel(r) fiber, a renewable resource that is remarkably soft. And, it’s also hypoallergenic and contains vitamins E and aloe to soothe and nourish delicate skin. Plus, Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes contain no alcohol.

phenoxyethanol causes skin reaction to kirkland signature baby wipes

Some parents are concerned that phenoxyethanol causes a skin reaction with a certain brand of Kirkland signature baby wipes. This ingredient contains a compound known as phenoxyethanol, which is a synthetic chemical that fights bacteria. In infants, this compound can be dangerous because it is a known allergen and may even trigger allergic reactions. In addition, phenoxyethanol is also harmful to the nervous system.

While petroleum-based wipes may be natural, they can contain potentially harmful ingredients like ethylene oxide and 1,4-dioxane. These ingredients can cause skin irritation and other problems. There are several other ingredients to watch for, including phenoxyethanol. Some of these chemicals are hidden or not labeled properly. The most common ingredients found in disposable baby wipes can cause skin reactions in infants.

Many skin-reaction-causing ingredients are found in cosmetic products, including Kirkland signature baby wipes. Phenoxyethanol, a common preservative, has been linked to several serious diseases, including birth defects, cancer, and reproductive problems. However, it is safe for pregnant women to use a plant-based alternative instead of a petroleum-based wipe. These wipes moisturize the skin, reduce itching, and help people feel more comfortable in their environment.

WaterWipes are the purest baby wipe

If you’re looking for a pure baby wipe, Kirkland Signature WaterWipes may be for you. These wipes are fragrance free, contain only 99.9% water and grapefruit seed extract, and have no synthetic ingredients. They also have a decent performance, and are packaged in small packets that fit nicely into a side dispenser pocket. However, this type of wipe does tend to be pricier than other brands.

The Kirkland Signature WaterWipes contain the highest amount of pure water. They are also the softest wipes on the market. They’re made from over 99 percent water. WaterWipes are the purest baby wipes in the world, with 99.9 percent purified water and a fruit extract as a skin conditioner. They’re gentle enough for newborns and are also paraben-free. Pampers’ wipes are also a great option for newborns and babies. They’re made from cotton, so they’re soft and absorbent and fragrance-free.

While we can’t guarantee that every baby wipe will be pure, WaterWipes are safe for your little one’s skin. This brand has received certification from the Environmental Working Group and the National Eczema Association and has been awarded many awards for quality and innovation. We tried some WaterWipes, and they were fairly effective. They come in a small packet of sixty wipes. They measure 8 by 7 inches and come out one at a time.


While scented baby wipes are generally safe, they do contain pthlalates, an endocrine disruptor. Even many “natural” wipes can contain parabens. Some of the most common fragrance ingredients are parabens, phthalates, and benzyl alcohol. These ingredients can be harmful to the skin and immune system. Unlike parabens, phthalates do not need to be listed on a product’s ingredient label.

These preservatives are necessary for water-based products, such as wipes and hand lotion. They prevent bacteria and mold from contaminating them, which can cause illnesses or infections. This is why baby wipes containing parabens can potentially cause problems. One study found that contaminated hand lotion caused a serious outbreak of infection in a neonatal intensive care unit. Another study in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology described a fungal infection caused by compromised skin lotion.

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes contain no parabens. The product’s ingredients are now free of the potentially harmful propylene glycol and formaldehyde-releasing parabens. But the company has also changed the ingredients of their wipes. Several other brands have replaced these ingredients with milder alternatives. However, they still contain chemicals that can irritate the skin.

Alcohol is a myth in baby wipes

The recent formula change in Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes 900 CT allegedly caused rashes and burning to several mommy bloggers. Although the changes were supposed to comply with regulatory rules, the result alienated dozens of Costco customers and made many of them afraid to purchase the wipes again. What’s worse is that the ingredients list has even been altered to remove all the references to alcohol.

There is a common misconception that all baby wipes contain alcohol. Although some ingredients have the word alcohol in their names, they are not alcohol in the common sense. These include cetearyl alcohol, behenyl alcohol, and benzyl alcohol. However, rubbing alcohol and ethanol are known to dry out the skin and cause itching. Even worse, they may cause the skin to peel off.

Many water-based wipes contain alcohol. It’s common for babies to get sick when contact with contaminated products. However, there are other ways to avoid the risk of infection. In one recent study, an outbreak of infection in a neonatal intensive care unit was traced to contaminated hand lotion. Another study in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology described a fungal infection caused by a compromised skin lotion.

Tencel fiber is a natural fiber

These nourishing, eco-friendly baby wipes contain 70% natural Tencel fiber, a soft, moisture-wicking fiber. They are made from renewable resources, including wood pulp, and are soft and gentle on baby’s delicate skin. They come in a convenient portable dispenser for easy cleaning and disinfection. Unlike most conventional wipes, Kirkland Signature baby wipes contain no alcohol or synthetic ingredients, making them a great choice for missionaries who have limited resources.

These wipes are made with only natural fibers, meaning they do not contain harmful chemical fragrances. They are also made without phenoxyethanol, which may irritate sensitive skin. Unlike synthetic fibers, they are not flushable. These natural fibers are safe to buy online through, but you should be aware of possible risks associated with them.

In addition to using natural fibers, these wipes contain no alcohol. They are also made with a blend of polypropylene and rayon. This blend makes them feel “fabric-like.” Kirkland Signature baby wipes contain no alcohol. They are also made with natural fibers, including Tencel. This fiber is a natural fiber used in many high-end baby wipes.

Amazon Elements

Amazon Elements kirkland signature baby wipes have several advantages. For starters, they are inexpensive, which can make them an attractive option for parents on a budget. They also feature a QR code that gives you more information about the wipes’ ingredients, including the country of origin. These ingredients may not make much of a difference to the way they clean, but it’s nice to have a little piece of mind.

While it’s tempting to save money by purchasing cheap wipes, they’re not very high quality. We tried unscented versions and found that they did not compare to their better-quality counterparts. Also, they required more wipes for a diaper change. The disadvantage of these inexpensive wipes is that they’re unscented, so they do have a noxious odor. But we weren’t impressed by them, and they did cost less than two cents a piece – a price that we thought was low.

Seventh Generation

The Seventh Generation brand of baby wipes is known for their superior performance and environmental friendliness. Made from 70 percent plant cellulose, these wipes are biodegradable and don’t leave behind bothersome residues. What’s more, they don’t tear at one tug. Most wipes, including Huggies, tear at least twice when being dispensing from the container. Kirkland wipes, Bloom, and Amazon, however, rip at the third or fourth tug.

These wipes are also very cheap, costing between two and three cents a piece. The smoothness, mildness, and smell of these wipes are highly rated by parents. Moreover, they can be folded several times and are twenty percent thicker than the Pampers Natural Clean variety. Kirkland Signature Seventh Generation baby wipes are available in a variety of different scents. In addition, each pack contains a convenient plastic flip top for holding moisture.

The Seventh Generation Sensitive Protection Cleansing Baby Wipes are clinically tested and fragrance-free to protect your baby’s delicate skin. And, since they’re hypoallergenic, they won’t make your baby smell like an over-scented fragrance. Parents have trusted the Seventh Generation wipes for over a decade. They’re trusted to clean up even the most challenging messes.

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