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LA Girl Pro Concealer comes in a wide variety of shades, and the lightweight formulation helps minimize signs of aging, giving you a clear and healthy complexion. You can use it alone, or layer it over the other concealers you own. The convenient brush tip applicator makes it easy to apply the right amount of product to your skin. The concealer is also cruelty-free. Its benefits are many.

Under-eye circles

Dark under-eye circles are hard to cover with makeup. But using a color corrector is an easy way to combat this discoloration. Bobbi Brown Bisque Corrector is a blendable, creamy color corrector with hydrating ingredients that helps brighten the under-eye area. It also serves as a base for concealer. Use it as a base to cover up those pesky dark circles.

This color corrector is widely reviewed and a popular option from Sephora. It comes with extra moisturizing agents to minimize puffiness. While it requires a makeup sponge or fingertip application, it’s still an excellent choice as a base to concealer. And it’s only $5! Apply several layers to get the desired coverage. Make sure to blend thoroughly after application to avoid any streaks.

Choose a shade to match your skin tone. The Mint Corrector neutralizes redness on fair and light skin, while Reddish and Cool Pink will hide dark spots on dark skin. Flat White Corrector matches all shades of PRO concealer and provides a luminous finish. If you want a lighter shade, you can choose the Cool Pink Corrector. But if you’re a deeper skin tone, you should opt for GC991 Yellow Corrector.

Dark spots

L.A. Girl’s HD PRO Concealer is the holy grail of concealers. Its creamy texture camouflages dark circles under eyes, skin imperfections and redness. Its color-correcting formula also minimizes fine lines and minimizes hyperpigmentation. Applying this concealer is easy, and the results last all day. Dark spots are covered with one swipe, while redness and sallowness are minimized and hyperpigmentation is eliminated.

The creamy texture of this L.A. Girl concealer sets fast, making it the perfect choice for oily skin. However, if your skin is dry, it will accentuate the fine lines. Oily skin won’t feel caked on with this concealer. It doesn’t have a strange smell and doesn’t cause a flashback on photos. With 39 shades to choose from, this concealer is perfect for every skin tone.


A good cream concealer will be able to cover any unwelcome imperfections while remaining buildable. Its formula is very easy to blend and will cover even the most pronounced blemishes without making them look obvious. Moreover, it is paraben-free, making it an excellent choice for all skin tones. In addition to being a good concealer, it can also be used to create a tanned effect on the high areas of your face.

Another excellent option for hiding blemishes is L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer Buff, which comes in a handy 8g (0.28 oz) size. It blends seamlessly into the skin, and lasts up to 16 hours. This product can also be used for contouring and highlighting purposes. You can also use it as a foundation for extra coverage.

L.A. Girl HD Pro Concealer is the holy grail of concealers. It’s creamy texture provides a high coverage, natural finish that feels like nothing is even on your face. It can hide dark circles under your eyes, reduce redness and hyperpigmentation, and is easy to blend. The brush tip provides a natural look, and the coverage lasts all day long.

The Pro Conceal is a lightweight foundation that can be worn alone or layered. Its brush tip applicator is efficient and seamless, and the concealer is cruelty-free. Several shades are available in this concealer range, including Fairest, Natural, and Creamy Beige. For a medium skin tone, the Light Tan, and Medium Bisque shades are also available.

Dark spots under-eye

A color corrector can help hide dark circles under your eyes and cancel out their blue hue. This is especially helpful for mature skin, as a concealer covers discolored skin without correcting hyperpigmentation. To use a color corrector, you need to apply a concealer slightly paler than your skin tone. Using a corrector that matches your skin tone will help your concealer last longer.

L.A. Girl HD Pro Concealer provides full, natural coverage, and has a lightweight, creamy consistency. This concealer camouflages dark under eyes, redness, and other imperfections. Its crease-resistant formula is perfect for daily wear. A pointed nozzle applicator makes application easy and precise. The HD Pro Concealer has 30 shades to choose from.

The brand’s orange corrector/concealer neutralizes dark spots for medium and deep skin. This concealer is lightweight, blends seamlessly, and is smudge-proof. It’s easy to blend into the skin with a fingertip and provides full coverage. For sensitive eyes, this concealer can even cover up dark spots. A little goes a long way. And this product is very affordable, too!

L.A. Girl Dark Spots Under-Eye Concealer is a creamy, non-irritating formula that sets quickly. It won’t accentuate fine lines or give you a flashback in photos. The concealer also comes in 39 shades, so you can find one that suits your skin type. The product is perfect for dry skin and will help hide dark circles.

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