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A pave band engagement ring has many benefits for the bride-to-be. Whether she is looking for a unique style or an amazing sparkle, there is a pave band engagement ring for her that suits her taste and budget. Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying one. First of all, you must check the craftsmanship of the pave setting. Second of all, you must consider the costs of purchasing the ring.

Unique style

If you’re looking for a style of engagement ring that sparkles, a pave band might be right for you. This style of ring has diamonds set in tiny beads of metal that hold them in place. Single-cut melee diamonds are most often used, which have about 16 to 18 facets compared to the 58-facet round brilliant diamonds. Smaller diamonds, such as those ranging in size from 1-2mm, give the ring a sparkly look.

There are pros and cons to choosing a pave setting for your ring. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Pave settings are great for vintage designs, and they can lend themselves to a lot of design options. The most common pave style is single-row, but multiple parallel rows of paves are available to add even more style. A unique style of pave band engagement ring is the scalloped style, which is delicate and stylish, but still retains a vintage feel. Here’s a closer look at pave settings.

Despite their elegant look, pave settings aren’t for everyone. If you want to make sure she’s happy with her engagement ring, you should choose carefully. It might not be the most practical choice for your budget, but the style you choose will be perfect for your partner. For those who prefer a more modest setting, a micro pave ring setting is the perfect choice. However, it may be more expensive than other styles of pave band engagement rings.

A unique style of pave band engagement rings is the French pave. French pave uses smaller metal prongs to hold micro-pave diamonds. The smaller metal prongs give your diamonds a more prominent appearance, and French pave uses V-shaped cuts for each diamond. It also provides slightly more sparkle while offering less security. These diamond settings are perfect for couples who love the classic look.


A pave band engagement ring looks stunning because of its intricate design. The tiny diamonds encircling the band give the appearance of a solid diamond surface. Pave setting is a popular choice because it highlights the center stone. A pave band can be set with loose diamonds or gemstones. Pave band engagement rings sparkle beautifully because of their exquisite design. Whether your bride wants a minimalistic or a regal look, you will find the perfect pave band engagement ring.

A pave engagement ring has diamonds set into tiny holes on the band. This type of setting emphasizes the brilliance of the center stone by highlighting the center gem. The diamonds are held in place by prongs or raised beds. Pave band engagement rings sparkle with endless possibilities. Pave bands are often set with round or oval cut diamonds. However, you can find pave settings featuring baguette or princess cut diamonds.

While pave band engagement rings sparkle beautifully, they cost more than solitaire settings. They require more materials and labor than a solitaire setting. Oftentimes, pave bands are handcrafted, and the jeweler must carefully place the diamonds. Therefore, they are typically more expensive than plain band settings. For those looking for an affordable, high-quality ring, a pave setting might not be the best option.

If you’re looking for more diamond detail, there’s a hidden pave halo. The halo is surrounded by smaller diamonds, creating the illusion of a single large diamond. The halo may not be visible. This design can be subtle or elaborate, depending on the size of the center stone. Pave band engagement rings sparkle beautifully when paired with a matching center stone.


A pave band engagement ring is a beautiful way to add sparkle to an engagement ring without detracting from the main diamond. This style of setting features small diamonds scattered along the band of the ring, much like the stones in a road. These diamonds are set with expert craftsmanship, making them a more expensive option than a classic solitaire setting. To create a dazzling pave band engagement ring, you must work with a skilled jeweler to achieve the look you desire.

A pave band engagement ring is not easy to resize. The diamonds in pave settings cover a large area of the band, making it difficult to resize. Therefore, it is important to know your ring size before purchasing one. This will help you avoid any post-purchase modifications that could make the band look out of proportion. If you are in search of a gorgeous pave band engagement ring, you can choose from hundreds of designs at online retailers, including Blue Nile and Brian Gavin. Moreover, a lot of these sites offer high-quality craftsmanship.

Another thing to consider is the ring shank. The shank is the bottom part of the ring, and it should be thick enough to resist breakage and bending. A thin shank will eventually bend, and it won’t be as durable as a thick one. If you choose to purchase a pave band engagement ring, you should consider the thickness of the shank, which is the part of the ring that holds the stones.

Good craftsmanship is essential when selecting a pave band engagement ring. A poorly constructed band will have irregularly shaped stones that don’t match. These irregularities can be a sign of poor craftsmanship and should be avoided. To make the ring look flawless, the stone should be placed in a way that is both attractive and safe for your fingers. If the stone is too large, choose a smaller diamond.


The price of a pave band engagement ring depends on several factors, including the design, the metal, and the diamonds. Some types are easier to resize than others, which is why it’s important to know your fiance’s ring size before proposing. Luckily, most pave engagement rings can be resized slightly. However, the metal band on a pave band engagement ring can be a little harder to resize than a solid one.

The average cost of a pave band engagement ring is around $6,000. However, this price may vary greatly by location. In the Mid-Atlantic region, average spends reach up to $7,900, while those in the Southwest and Southeast regions spend about $5,200. Despite the high price, the price range is still within reach for most people. In addition, ring size and quality can affect the cost, and a popular brand name will always increase the price.

While it can be hard to decide which type of ring to buy, remember to budget for it based on your own financial means. You don’t want to get into debt just to pay off the engagement ring. While most couples are happy with the amount they pay, many fall below or above the average. For example, a couple may not be able to afford a $4,000 ring, but they can certainly afford a $70,000 one.

Another factor that drives up the price of a pave band engagement ring is the design of the band. More intricate designs mean more intricate work, and that means a higher price. A 10 karat gold band will cost significantly less than a 24-karat gold band. The same can be said for a platinum band. In addition, a 10-karat gold band will cost much less than a twenty-four-karat gold band.

Celebrities wearing them

While you may be smitten by the engagement ring of your favorite TV star, you may want to check out what celebrities are wearing. A pave band engagement ring is a stylish alternative to a traditional solitaire ring. It is made of a delicate band with diamonds set in it. It can be worn by a variety of celebrities, from Kim Kardashian to Katy Perry. Read on for a look at their recent engagement ring engagements.

One celebrity who has a beautiful engagement ring is actress and singer Blake Lively. The actress wore a pave band engagement ring with a large pink diamond in the center. Her fiance, Ryan Reynolds, designed the ring with Lorraine Schwartz, a celebrity jeweler and friend of the actress. However, the ring wasn’t made public until after the couple married. The couple tied the knot on September 30, 2012 at the historic Boone Hall Plantation in South Carolina.

The ring is the most recent example of a pave band engagement ring. Known for its beauty and style, the ring is a popular choice for celebrities who want something a little different. Celebs like Jennifer Lawrence, Anna Camp, and Skylar Astin have chosen this style of engagement ring. They are also considered to be among the most expensive. However, they are not the only celebrities wearing pave band engagement rings.

The couple’s second engagement ring featured a heart-shaped diamond. Mod Sun proposed to Lavigne in Paris on March 20, 2022. He bought the ring from XIV Karats, where he engraved it with the words “Hi Icon” and “Mod + Avril.” They have been wearing identical heart-shaped pave rings since they met. The ring is made of platinum and is set in a sleek pave band.

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