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When you are looking for a fence, one of the best choices is Premier 1 fencing. You’ll be happy you did, because this product comes in an incredibly attractive roll. And while this type of fencing does require maintenance, you can expect it to last for years. And it’s affordable! So, what makes it so popular? Read on to find out why people prefer it over other types of fences. And don’t forget to ask about the installation process!

Why people prefer premier 1 fencing

Premier 1 supplies’ PoultryNet electric fence is a 48-foot roll with posts built into the mesh and a solar-powered energizer and battery. It’s an effective livestock confinement and predator-protection solution that is easy to install and disassemble. You can also purchase the system in permanent placement. These advantages make Premier 1 fencing a popular choice for many people. Read on to learn more.


Whether you’re installing Premier 1 fencing around your property or you’re re-modeling the exterior of an existing home, you can rest easy knowing that the process is straightforward. Premier 1 fencing rolls are designed to look beautiful and last for years. To install the Premier 1 fence, you’ll need to cut the grass and weeds from the area where it will be installed. A second person is recommended to help with the installation.

The Premier 1 PoultryNet fencing system comes with posts integrated into the mesh and solar-powered energizers. The Premier PoultryNet fence also comes with non-conductive support posts at major directional changes. For the most effective protection, consider purchasing the Premier 48-inch FiberTuff posts. They are easy to install and won’t interfere with your poultry’s movement. You can purchase Premier 48-inch FiberTuff posts for this fencing, but you don’t need to use them if you want to remove the Premier 1 PoultryNet fencing system later.


For your property’s safety, consider using the services of a premier fencing maintenance company. Premier Fence, Inc. offers various options to keep your property’s perimeter safe, including pressure-treated posts that don’t need any additional treatments. For your convenience, Premier Fence, Inc. also offers pre-stained fences. Pressure washing and re-staining are also options. However, additional wetting can strip sealants and cause wood to rot faster.


There are several different types of Premier 1 fencing systems on the market today. Some of them are electrified, such as Premier 1’s PoultryNet system. These fences come as a complete roll, with posts embedded in the mesh and an optional solar-powered energizer or battery. These are both effective solutions for livestock confinement and predator protection. They are easy to install and can be used in many different types of terrain.

PoultryNet series of fences from Premier One Supplies are ideal for a variety of different types of poultry. These are designed to withstand the constant movement of heavy and flighty chickens. PermaNet fencing from Premier 1 Supplies is an excellent choice for a permanent fence. The PermaNet fence has stronger posts and ground spikes, which will withstand strong winds. PermaNet fencing can also be adjusted to the specific needs of your poultry.

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