cafe 36 range

The Café commercial style range is inspired by professional kitchens. Its versatility is unmatched, with burners such as Inspiral, Multi-Ring, and Griddle Zone. Including a Caterer’s Oven, Temperature Probe, and Precision Cooking modes, this range is the perfect choice for busy commercial kitchens. The Café 36 range also includes an oven that fits up to ten people. The GE Cafe 36 range is available at RC Willey.

GE CGP70362N1S1 – Cafe’ 36″ dual fuel smart range

Whether you’re cooking for a small family or an entire restaurant, this commercial grade range is a versatile investment. A powerful arsenal of burners and precision oven modes help you achieve the desired results, no matter the size of your meal. This range’s color-matched manifold perfectly matches its finish, and an LCD control panel offers information on probe temperatures, oven temperature, and cooking time.

RC Willey

The RC Willey cafe 36 range combines the power of a gas cooktop with the precision of an electric oven. This range is equipped with a commercial-style design, including stainless steel handles and an infrared broiler. Its range of gas burners is capable of everything from melting chocolate to searing steak. There is also an integrated griddle for cooking foods that require multiple temperature settings.

The RC Willey cafe gas range top adds a touch of commercial style to your kitchen while providing superior heat distribution. The gas burner circulates the flame under the cookware so that all areas receive an even heat distribution. This range features a sensor cooking control that automatically adjusts power and time as needed. The RC Willey cafe range has been designed by chefs and is available in several sizes and colors. A great kitchen appliance is the focal point of any home.

RC Willey cafe appliances are designed to complement your personal style. They are available with customized hardware and modern finishes. Each product is designed to provide professional performance and an impressive look. You can choose from the cafe 36-inch range, 60-inch range, or double-wide refrigerator. Café appliances are also available with French-door refrigerators, double-wall ovens, and built-in dishwashers. And RC Willey cafe kitchen appliances are available at RC Willey and a selection of accessories.

Modern Glass Collection

The new GE Cafe products include a Modern Glass Collection, a complete kitchen appliance suite featuring stainless steel and glass panels. Its sleek, contemporary design is inspired by the contemporary feel of the high-end luxury kitchens of the world’s most fashionable people. The sleek, contemporary lines and minimal hardware are a hallmark of this stylish collection, which was first unveiled in February 2019.

Caterer’s Oven

The Cafe commercial style range offers superior performance and a sleek design. Four types of burners, including a Caterer’s Oven, make cooking easier and offer unmatched versatility. Precision Cooking modes and a temperature probe also add style and convenience. The 6.2-cubic-foot oven fits a full-sized catering pan. Also included are two low-profile nickel racks.

The Inspiral burner swirls the flame under the cookware to prevent uneven heating. It also works well with the optional griddle grill accessory. RC Willey’s Commercial-Style Gas Range combines stainless steel finish with customizable handles. This oven’s range of gas burners can be used for anything from searing steak to melting chocolate. It also features a multi-ring burner with varying sized flame rings.

Customizable Professional collection

The Customizable Professional collection for cafe 36 brushed stainless range comes with a set of eight knobs in a Brushed Stainless finish. It also includes one 36″ handle. Overall, this knob kit scored high in the Appliance Accessories category. The set includes a 36″ handle and eight knobs for an overall score of 8.

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