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Dials and hour markers are just two of the features of a Rolex watch. The dial itself can also have other features such as rainbow-colored sapphires, diamonds, or even Hindu-Arabic numerals. This kind of Rolex also has a lot of accessories to offer. Here is a look at some of them. All of these features make Rolex a unique timepiece.


If you’re tired of grey, black and white Rolex watches, try one with green and gold details. Typically, you’ll find these dials on the brand’s classics. But the color green has been a favorite of Rolex lovers for many years. It has associations with power, success, money, and luxury, making it a perfect fit for this popular luxury watch. And since green is the color of money, it’s no wonder that the company has used it as their signature hue.

Green and gold dials have a distinctive contrast in their color. The green dial is complemented by the yellow gold bezel and the Super-Luminova hands. This watch is the first to feature a Cerachrom bezel. Its green Cerachrom bezel also makes it unique from other Rolexes, making it one of the most coveted pieces of all. It has a slick look that will surely get you noticed.

Another unique Rolex model with a green and gold dial is the Presidential Rolex. These watches are a great option for those who want to stand out in a crowd, but who don’t want to look like a presidential candidate? This is the perfect combination of style and sophistication. The Presidential Rolex adds exclusivity, prestige and exclusivity to any look. These are just a few of the many styles that feature this combination.

The Day-Date 40 model, for example, is made of 18 ct yellow gold. This watch was the first to indicate the day of the week in full. Its gold hour markers are also gold, to avoid tarnishing. All Rolex dials are made by hand, with some unique characteristics. So, whether you’re looking for an elegant timepiece or a casual wristwatch, you’re sure to find one with a gold and green dial.

Hour markers

The 116508 Daytona from Rolex features a rich color contrast between red and green. Its 40mm case is crafted with scratch-resistant sapphire glass and a monobloc middle case. The dial is accented with red and white hour markers. The watch’s self-winding 4130 caliber has a -2/+2 seconds per day precision and 12-hour, 30-minute, and stop-second functions.

The “Hulk” Submariner, introduced in 2010, is the second green Submariner. Its green hue and green Cerachrom bezel gave it the nickname “Hulk.” Collectors quickly flocked to buy this Rolex, which quickly sold out in authorized dealers. In the secondary market, these watches can sell for $50,000. A year-long waiting list exists for a model with this special color combination.

The Day-Date 40 is made of 18-ct yellow gold. It was the first watch to indicate the day of the week in full. A Rolex watch’s dial features distinctive gold hour markers, designed to prevent tarnishing. Each Rolex dial is made by hand in the company’s own factory. As a result, you can trust that your watch is in good hands. The Day-Date 40 is the ultimate in prestige.

A gold and green Daytona is the latest in the company’s collection. Its green dial was first introduced in Baselworld 2016 and features the same Cerachrom bezel Daytona. It is also constructed of solid 18k gold and has a “racing green” dial. The green dial is complemented with yellow gold hands, and the text on the “Daytona” is a hint of red. Its in-house caliber 4130 automatic chronograph movement features a 72-hour power reserve and +2/-2 seconds per day accuracy.


Rolex introduced several variations of its Datejust watch in 2013. The steel reference 116500 carries a new dial featuring diamonds and rainbow-colored sapphires. This particular model features an 18K yellow gold case, screw-down crown and twinlock double waterproofness system. Sapphires are set into the bezel with a cyclops lens over the date. The dial features a cognac color and features eight diamond hour markers and thirty-two diamond Arabic numerals. The curved caseback is made of five-piece links that are rounded and feature a solid clasp.

The gems are naturally occurring materials. They cannot be machined without losing their lustre. Rolex’s gemological department buys only the best quality gemstones and undergoes rigorous verification procedures to ensure that they are real. They are also subjected to chemical composition testing to ensure their purity. Rolex also uses X-ray imaging to ensure their authenticity. The gold components on Rolex gold and green models are also polished to add sparkle and shine.

When Rolex introduced its yellow gold Submariner, they did so in a limited edition of 20,000 watches. This is how the Submariner changed from a simple tool watch to a luxury sports watch. In the late 1960s, Rolex shifted its submersible watches from a utilitarian radium-based movement to the safer tritium-based movement. Gold and green Submariners are still available, but in blue and green colorways.

While many jewellery watch brands evolved from jewellers, Rolex was known for making baubles before moving into watchmaking. That’s a testament to Rolex’s competency in gemmology. Its heritage as a jewellery watchmaker makes it one of the most sought after investment pieces in the world. This means that Rolex has taken the time to incorporate gemmology into its product.


If you are searching for a Rolex watch, you can get the best deal by buying from an authorized dealer. Authentic Rolex watches are guaranteed to be authentic and you will receive them within 1-3 business days of purchasing them. Moreover, they are backed by a 3 year warranty. This warranty applies only to watches that have been purchased from an authorized dealer. You can also find many replica Rolex watches for sale if you want to have a replica of your own.

The Oyster Perpetual Day-Date is an essential Rolex watch, and the first one to be made waterproof. This watch features a vibrant green dial with a diamond bezel. The movement in this watch is the Caliber 3255 Perpetual, which has a power reserve of 70 hours. This watch also has many additional features, including a date window, and a chronograph.

Arabic numerals

The introduction of Arabic numerals on Rolex’s top model, the GMT-Master II, reshaped the role of this classic timepiece. These watches have been made of the most precious metals in the world since the 1930s, and are considered extremely valuable. But even though they were created in limited numbers, their design remained largely unchanged. Nevertheless, the popularity of Arabic numerals on Rolex watches has continued to increase, and the company continues to experiment with new and different dial styles and materials.

Day-Date dials in Arabic script began appearing on Rolex timepieces in the late 1950s. The Arabic script was first used on the days of the week on ref. 6511s from this era. These watches are the first to feature an entirely Arabic numeral dial, and they were accompanied by an Arabic script calendar function. However, there are no definitive records on when Arabic script was introduced on Rolex timepieces.

The advent of the Arab market brought with it the emergence of a new market for Rolex watches. The company’s relationship with the Middle East has proven lucrative, and it has created a host of custom-made watches for the region. One of these is the Rolex Arabia watch, which pays homage to the dazzling Arabic Day-Dates of the 1970s. Its dials contain Eastern Arabic numerals. This watch is nearly identical to the famous 1970s vintage Arabic Day-Dates, only in platinum.

The Arabic-dial Rolex watches are very rare. The watchmaker ceased production of them in the mid-1970s but resumed production in 2016. The watches have full-platinum cases, reflecting the aim of reaching the ultra-wealthy of the Middle East. The watches in this edition are still considered collector’s items, but you can still buy one at an auction for a fraction of the price.

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