8 ton long ram jack

The Strongway(tm) 8 Ton Long Ram Hydraulic Jack is a heavy-duty, versatile jack that can be used on engine hoists or hydraulic cranes. It features a slow-release mechanism and a long 24 3/4in.-44 1/16in. lift range. It’s only designed for vertical use and meets ASME PALD 2009 standards. For more information about this model, please visit the Strongway website.

Safety valve prevents overloading

A safety valve installed on an 8 ton long ram jack is an important safety feature. This device prevents overloading of the ram. In the event of an emergency, the valve can be opened and the ram stopped. If it cannot stop working because of a load overload, it will not lift the load. To prevent over-loading, use a safety valve and follow manufacturer guidelines.

The CARQUEST(r) Professional Air/Hydraulic Truck Service Jack is the ideal equipment for heavy-duty construction equipment facilities, bus garages, and truck service departments. This jack features a centered pump and ram, ribbed base, and two-stage ram. It comes with an automatic valve and pre-tapped pressure gauges. Several safety features are standard, such as bypass overload valves that prevent the hydraulic ram from over-extending.

Wide rugged base

A long ram jack is an essential part of any hydraulic crane. It can raise loads up to eight tons quickly and easily. The Omega Lift 44980 long ram hydraulic jack is a good choice for a wide range of industrial applications, including engine hoists and hydraulic cranes. Its tough, hard-cast steel construction provides strength and durability, while the hydraulic cylinder is die-cut for leak-free performance.

The Strongway Long Ram Air/Hydraulic Jack is a versatile tool that can convert a hydraulic hoist to a hydra/pneumatic hoist. It can be used for a wide variety of applications, and its mounting holes make it convenient for installation. You can also use the Long Ram Air/Hydraulic Jack to attach an engine hoist. Its single-action version has a higher weight capacity but is still similar to the flat bottom long ram jack.

The long ram hydraulic jack from PASSCA features a heavy-duty bottle holder and a double-acting pump. These long ram jacks can lift heavier objects than a slim jack, saving garage employees unnecessary stress. Their wide base makes them easy to install on a crane and can be mounted directly onto the engine crane. The PASSCA long ram jack is a versatile, reliable option for lifting power, and it is ideal for use in professional automotive garages and hobbyist workshops.

Big Red’s 8 Ton Bottle Jack is an excellent choice for farm, auto service, and commercial applications. The 8 Ton bottle jack has a six-ton capacity and a welded base to reduce the rate of oil leakage. It features an extension screw top to adjust the height of the work surface. It meets ASME and PASE safety standards, and is backed by a limited 1-year manufacturer warranty.

A wide rugged base is another important feature of an 8-ton long ram jack. It is important to consider the weight of the objects being lifted when choosing the right one. Using the proper jack is essential to the longevity of a long-lasting hydraulic long ram jack. If the weight is too heavy for the long ram jack, you should replace it. The wide rugged base is also crucial to the safety of the user.

Lift height from 23-5/8″ to 42-3/4″

This Omega 8 ton long ram jack has a lift height range of 22-5/8″ to 42-3/4″ and an adjustable load-limiting device. This jack works well with Omega Hydraulic Cranes to remove transaxles and vehicle engines. A hydraulic bypass valve and an internal load-limiting device protect the jack against over-pumping and internal damage. The controlled rate of lifting and lowering of the ram is another great feature of this jack. Freight charges are calculated automatically after you place your order.

There are several models of this jack: the 10045B four ton, the 10065B six-ton, the 10205B eight-ton and the 10209B twenty-ton. Each model features a height adjustment feature. This makes it easy to find the right height for any job. Whether you’re lifting a heavy truck or a heavy appliance, these jacks are essential tools in your toolbox.

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