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If you’re on a budget, you can find affordable wedding bands from some of the most famous designers. Some of these include Simon G, Zac Posen, Lauren Addison, and Sofia Kaman. Read on to find out more about their pieces and where you can buy them. There’s a new ring brand every day – and there’s something for every couple, from trendy to traditional. And, don’t forget to shop online for the best deals.

Simon G

When it comes to custom design, Simon G stands apart from the rest. Unlike other jewelry brands, each piece is individually handcrafted. The studio is staffed by specialized artisan groups who specialize in each style of setting. In addition to the four-prong setting used on every ring, each piece also features micro-set accent diamonds. Because of this, each piece is an enduring masterpiece.

When shopping for engagement rings, choose a ring by Simon G. This brand’s collection is vast, and each design is markedly different from the next. Any bride-to-be will find the perfect ring among the diverse designs in this collection. From the eye-catching mixed-metal sculpted designs to the flashy square cuts, every bride-to-be will find a perfect ring for her future husband.

With the Classic Collection, brides seeking more traditional styles will be satisfied. These minimalist designs still use elaborate style features. For example, diamond melees in this collection have individual prongs to create a more unique design than a solitaire. The Caviar Collection builds on the classic round brilliant shape with beading and dot-work. As a result, these rings will remain timeless and enduring for many generations to come.

The best Simon G rings come with a center stone, which can either be diamonds or another gem. In addition to the diamonds, the Simon G brand also offers several ring styles that feature colored gems. The Vintage Explorer collection features diamonds in marquise, baguette, and princess cuts. In addition, the Nocturnal Sophistication collection features diamonds that are 100% conflict-free.

Zac Posen

If you are planning to buy a new wedding ring, you should check out the newest collection from Zac Posen. The newest collection features 12 new designs that are timeless and classic in design. For example, if you want a classic look, you should consider the compass set single princess cut diamond band. The ring’s dimensions are 1.7 mm by 7.15 mm and costs $4,490.

Apart from his traditional diamond-set engagement rings, Posen also offers a line of gemstone engagement rings. These feature the same design elements as the diamond collection, but are set with blue topaz, aquamarine, and morganite. You can also find a wide selection of wedding rings made by Posen, which include straight-edge bands with diamond inlaid on the band. You can choose the right metal for the wedding rings, from 14K rose gold to 14K white gold.

If you want something different, consider the Zac Posen Starlight Band. Available in white gold or yellow gold, this ring captures the elegance of starlight with princess-cut diamonds set into the band. The price range is affordable, from under $1,000 to $6,750. It is available in sizes 4 to 13 and comes in a variety of metals. In addition to the engagement rings, Posen also has a line of necklaces and earrings. You can now shop the entire collection on Blue Nile.

The Zac Posen wedding ring collection is made for every type of couple. The collection includes classic pieces as well as modern designs. And unlike other bridal jewelry lines, the Zac Posen collection reaches beyond gender and class. Gender is no longer a barrier – women and men can wear Zac Posen wedding rings. This new line combines modern design with classic styles to meet every budget. You can find the perfect piece of jewelry to commemorate your special day.

Lauren Addison

If you’re on a budget, consider a bespoke design from the best wedding ring brands in the country. This bespoke designer has been working virtually since she began her business. In the aftermath of the pandemic, her ability to meet in-person clients decreased, so she started offering virtual appointments. In recent months, she has produced several engagement rings. Redesigns are also available, and you can even incorporate your own stones into the design.

In 2016, Lauren launched her engagement ring collection. The design style is a fusion of modern and classical. The perfect bride appreciates the craftsmanship and personalized experience that goes into making a ring. The brand strives to create timeless pieces that reflect the bride’s personality. In addition, they cater to brides who appreciate an architectural approach to their jewelry. The bridal experience with Lauren Addison is an enjoyable one.

Another brand to consider is Judith Ann Miller. Based in New York, Judith Ann Miller’s designs are made of rare colored gemstones. While traditional wedding rings are a tradition, her unique pieces have a whimsical and dreamy quality. The pieces are designed by an independent jeweler, who works with clients to develop a unique design. It’s best to check out her website to see her collection and shop online for a custom design.

Sofia Kaman

The best wedding rings are the most important part of any woman’s wardrobe, and Sofia Kaman is no different. Inspired by the beauty of ancient objects, her designs blend natural beauty with bohemian elegance. Inspired by miniature paintings of ancient India, Sofia Kaman combines an old world aesthetic with a feminine touch. Inspired by the past, Sofia Kaman blends her love of art with her curiosity of the future and her eye for what’s around her.

Whether you’re planning to spend your life together or plan to get married in the future, Sofia Kaman has a ring to fit your personality and your budget. Choose rings that reflect your style, whether that’s vintage or minimalist, or a combination of both. She also recommends stacking your rings evenly so that they complement each other. Stacking your rings is also a good idea if you plan on wearing them on different hands.


If you’re looking for a beautiful wedding ring with unique style and design, look no further than Cartier. You’ll find plenty of rings to choose from on the Cartier website. You can choose from three different designs: the classic solitaire, diamond-set eternity band, and custom-made wedding bands. You can even customize your ring by asking the Cartier team to create a bespoke design for you.

Cartier carefully selects each stone that is used in their pieces. The stones they choose must have no visible inclusions and a colorless diamond rating. The brand also looks at the symmetry and brilliance of each stone before selecting them. Smaller stones are limited in the shapes that they can be cut into. Larger stones can have any shape you desire. The ring itself will have a Cartier logo on the inside surface of the band.

Cartier claims to use only the highest-quality diamonds, and it also insists that all of its diamonds have “very good” or “excellent” GIA cut grades. While this is better than nothing, it does make the selection process difficult. While big brands may promise flawless products, these practices are rarely true. In truth, you should never compromise on the cut of a diamond. And if you don’t like to wear a ring with a diamond that shows off a fancy cut, consider a cheaper alternative.

The Solitaire Collection rings can be expensive. A solitaire ring without a center stone can cost up to $7500. That’s a lot of money, so you should save up and buy something more affordable. In addition to this, you can look for the affordable Love Solitaire collection. These pieces are often made of white gold and platinum. They are elegant and sophisticated, but can cost as much as $1500.

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