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If you’re looking for engagement rings under $500, it’s possible to find a gorgeous piece without breaking the bank. Check out the different brands below for some inspiration. Blue Nile, Kay, Jennie Kwon, and Angara are some of the more affordable options. They all offer high quality pieces at affordable prices. In addition to buying secondhand, they are environmentally conscious, as they don’t use resources to produce new products.

Blue Nile

A great place to find an engagement ring under $500 is Blue Nile. While there are not many diamonds in the company’s selection, their prices are still affordable, and you can even get free shipping and returns. You can even return your ring for a full refund, if you decide you don’t like it. And since the company has 10 showrooms in 10 states, you can be sure to find a high-quality diamond at a low price.

A $5,000 ring will feature a one-carat diamond and a variety of settings including side stones and pave. For example, you can choose a solitaire ring with a princess-cut stone, or a halo-style ring with side-stones. For the ultimate in value, you can even select a loose diamond and get it set in another style, or buy an engagement ring with a different stone.

A second alternative to an expensive ring is a secondhand engagement ring. Secondhand rings are eco-friendly, as they do not use resources to create new ones. They’re also an excellent choice for ethical shoppers looking for a unique ring. Depending on the style and price, you can find many unique rings for less than $500 on Etsy. You can even find some that are handmade and made of recycled materials.

Another option is to visit Costco, the definitive wholesale retailer. With five73 warehouses across the country, Costco offers exceptional prices and exemplary customer service. The price is competitive and the selection is fantastic, so you can get the perfect engagement ring for your budget. Moreover, Blue Nile supports the Kimberley process, which ensures that diamonds purchased are conflict-free. Lastly, you can even view the actual stone that you’re buying at their site.


Aside from solitaire engagement rings under $500, Angara also offers a wide variety of different gemstone rings. The sapphire engagement rings are customizable and customers can select the size, quality, and carat weight of the stones they wish to set in the ring. The fancy sapphires are related to blue sapphires but are durable and register a nine on the Mohs scale. Whether she prefers a single diamond or a pair, Angara has a sapphire ring to fit her style.

While Angara has its roots in the United States, they have expanded their business worldwide. They now have websites in India, Thailand, and Australia. They ship to over 60 countries worldwide, and their promise of quality service and timely delivery is worth considering. For more information, visit their website. It’s worth mentioning that Angara prides itself on its customer service and guarantees to meet customer expectations. Customers can expect quality jewelry at affordable prices, and the selections available will appeal to every taste.

The Angara Rings collection features 72 round diamonds with clarity grades ranging from SI2 to H. The Angara website offers customization options, including selecting the size and carat weight of the opal. The company also carries premium pieces priced over $5000. If you’re on a budget, consider the Angara engagement rings under 500, which can easily cost less than half the price of the more expensive models.

Angara also offers coupons and discount promotions for shoppers who want to save money. Simply enter the Angara coupon code at checkout to receive the discount. If you don’t want to do this, you can always check USA TODAY Coupons to see if they have any Angara coupons. Angara also offers coupons and discount codes for other stores. So, don’t hesitate to check the website for savings.


Kay’s engagement rings under $500 are a great way to impress your fiancée without breaking the bank. Known for their exquisite craftsmanship and distinctive artistic designs, these rings are perfect for any occasion. And as a bonus, they’re affordable enough for the average man to buy for himself or his fiancée. But if you’re on a tight budget, these rings may not be for you.

One of the major selling points of Kay is that they allow customers to customize their rings. This allows them to include special messages or monograms. Kay even personalizes their jewelry for customers and specific people. The website also has a helpful style finder, which can help you choose the best jewelry for your budget. If you’re unsure of what type of ring you want, you can use the style finder to narrow down your options.

While choosing an engagement ring under $500, it’s a good idea to look outside of the box. Many diamond engagement rings are now made of gemstones and crystals, which are less expensive and more unusual. You can also purchase an ethically-sourced diamond from Anthropologie. For just $448, you can choose the Sirciam Diamond Ring, which has clean lines and a subtle shape. You can even have your partner’s favorite gemstone or crystal set in it!

Kay’s also offers a 60-day return policy, Brand Warranties, and Upgrading or Trading-in options. And if you’re looking for something more substantial, they offer financing options on items over $500. If you want to make the purchase on credit, you can use their LONG LIVE LOVE credit card and pay only 20% of the total cost. You can also choose a 12-month or 36-month special financing option if you want.

Jennie Kwon

If you’re looking for a gorgeous diamond-studded engagement ring but can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars, consider Jennie Kwon engagement rings. These beautiful rings are priced under $500 and still have a gorgeous center stone. Jennie Kwon is a corporate lawyer who has turned her talent to jewelry design. Her designs range in price from $310 to five figures and are adorned with diamond pave and minute engraving.

This stunning ring from Jennie Kwon is made of 14K white gold and features five diamond-like stones. The center stone is a 1.5-carat oval moissanite and three smaller baguette diamonds flank it. The band itself is made of 14K yellow gold. The ring is set on the finger of the woman who will wear it. The diamond is the most prominent stone in this ring, but it can’t be seen from a distance.

Another beautiful Moissanite ring under $500 is a round cushion-cut ring. It features 100 customer reviews, most of which are five-star. The Moissanite ring is also available in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. Another ring with a cushion-cut diamond is a popular choice. The ring’s cushion-shaped Good Lower is available in gold and has received numerous 5-star reviews.

The Rose Cut is another choice for engagement rings under 500. Rose-cut recycled diamonds are set in clusters in a band that mimics fairy rings. A delicate band holds three round-cut gemstones of different sizes. While the white diamond variety is priced under $500, other gemstones are more expensive. Another alternative is a moissanite stone that can mimic a diamond without the price. Another option for under $500 engagement rings is a diamond-studded ring.

SK Jewel

When you want to surprise your partner with a diamond engagement ring but are on a tight budget, SK Jewel has a number of great options. Their large selection includes many diamond and gemstone rings. The ring you see above costs about $300 less than the ring you’ll be getting for her. SK Jewel has rings that will suit your budget without sacrificing quality. The design embodies the classic style of engagement rings and is made of white gold. A diamond gem is set on a prong in the center.

In addition to quality, these ring options are available in a wide variety of styles and designs. They are made with high-quality materials and can look as if you spent thousands. These rings can be customized as well. You can also get them with engraving on them for a truly unique engagement ring. These rings are sure to get the attention of your significant other. Whether she likes classic, modern, or vintage, there are SK Jewel engagement rings under 500 dollars.

Choosing a metal for your engagement ring under $500 is important to your partner’s taste. While white gold engagement rings are typically more expensive than rose or yellow gold, 14k gold engagement rings are often under $500. You’ll be able to find a ring with a diamond of 0.30 carat or less in a ring under $500. The ring setting can be made of yellow gold, rose gold, or sterling silver.

For the most unique engagement rings, look no further than a ring from SK Jewel. The Tina Bezel Three Stone Ring, for instance, features a large diamond surrounded by two smaller diamonds. This ring is also available in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Another ring in the line is the Emery Ring, which has an asymmetric band design and is available in rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold. If your budget is limited, consider one of these rings.

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