If you’re looking for a wall mounted baby gate, there are a few things you should know. Several factors, such as Dual locking mechanism, slat spacing, and swing-stop, can help you determine the best model. Fortunately, these factors are easy to determine before you buy and install a wall mounted baby gate. Keep reading for more information. We’ll also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each type of baby gate.

Retractable baby gate

Retractable wall mounted baby gates are great for a variety of settings. This versatile safety tool will prevent your children from climbing out of the house or running down stairs. A retractable wall mounted gate is simple to install and easy to store. You can purchase a gate that matches the color and style of your home. These gates are constructed of durable, non-toxic materials that will provide years of safety. Retractable wall mounted baby gates will not tip over.

Retractable wall mounted baby gates come in various styles and prices. For instance, the Summer retractable gate is hardware mounted and stands at 30 inches tall. This gate is ideal for everyday use, and it includes all the hardware and a baseboard kit for installation. It features a retractable design and offers full walk-through space and complete security when fully extended. You can also buy one with adjustable bottom accessories. Choosing the right retractable wall mounted baby gate is an important part of keeping your child safe.

The extra wide retractable wall mounted baby gate is made from aluminum alloy and is adjustable up to 51 inches. This gate can be retracted for storage and is one-handed. The gate locks with a rotating ball cap for added safety. The retractable gate is safe for toddlers and pets, and is constructed from rustproof mesh. Another benefit of this retractable wall mounted baby gate is its double-locking mechanism.

Dual-locking mechanism

When looking for a baby gate that has a dual-locking mechanism, consider what your baby will be doing with it. Will they be playing with a swing or a lock? While they do both require two hands, a locking mechanism can be much more convenient than a swing. Regardless of whether you are going for a wall-mounted baby gate or one that is freestanding, you should keep these features in mind.

You should look for a wall-mounted gate that has a dual-locking mechanism. This feature can make it easier for you to manage and secure your child when they are climbing up the gate. The dual-locking mechanism makes it possible for the door to swing both ways. Moreover, a wall-mounted baby gate is easy to handle for adults. The Munchkin Extending XL Safety Gate has suction cups that stick to both carpets and hardwood floors. You can also choose a gate with a retractable mechanism for a larger room or a stairway.

Another important feature to look for in a wall-mounted baby gate is the type of locking mechanism. Wall-mounted gates are easier to install, but they require frequent tightening. Some pressure-mounted gates require the parent to remove the gate every time they need to pass through the room. It’s important to choose a wall-mounted gate with this feature to prevent accidents and accidental injury. These gates are a great choice for parents with older children, as they can be used in areas where a pressure-mounted gate might not be as convenient.

Slat spacing

When installing a safety gate, consider the slat spacing. The slat spacing on a safety gate should be less than three inches apart so a toddler cannot climb up through the opening or squeeze their head through. Keep in mind that even with this spacing, a toddler can climb over the gate or ride its swing-out door, which could cause injury or damage to the gate. Depending on the size of the slats, you can choose between different styles.

When installing a wall-mounted gate, take care not to encroach on the stairway handrails. You can also use drywall anchors to secure the gate to a wall stud. Make sure that you have a level surface on which to attach the gate. If you are unsure of how to install the gate, use a measuring tape and a screwdriver to make sure the installation is level.

Slat spacing on wall-mounted baby gates should be between 50-95mm, depending on the age of the child. Make sure that the gap is vertical, because children are notorious climbers. It is also wise to avoid choosing a gate with horizontal bars because this could pose a tripping hazard. Slats should be vertical, too, to avoid the risk of a child climbing through.


The Swing-Stop wall mounted baby gate can be installed easily and is certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. The product has a locking mechanism that requires two hands to operate. While this is a great feature for some parents, it isn’t for every home. If you’re unsure of whether or not the gate you’re considering is safe for your child, it is important to ask your sales representative about its certification.

The gate fits doorways up to 31 inches wide and is 33 inches high. Its design can accommodate a wide variety of doorways, including those that are as narrow as thirty inches. The gate can be adjusted for height and is 33 inches tall. This makes it convenient for grandparents or people who travel with babies. Swing-Stop wall mounted baby gates are also easy to assemble. Once it’s mounted, you can easily remove it without disturbing your child.

The Munchkin Easy Close metal baby gate costs approximately $50. It’s another pressure-mount gate, but it’s not as popular as the previous models. However, it is child-proof and has a wide range of extension sizes. You can choose between a 31″ and 47″ gate. Because of the telescopic screw rods, the gate can be mounted on the wall with just one hand.

Reer S-Gate

The Reer S-Gate Metal Active Lock Baby Safety Gate is a wall-mounted child safety gate that covers gaps from 75 to 110 cm wide. Made from quality plastics and powder coated steel, it features a childproof triple action locking system, and a door directional stopper to prevent the gate from opening accidentally. It also includes a sturdy carrying case for easy transportation. If you’re concerned about the safety of your child, this baby gate may be the solution for you.

This gate is easy to install and features a one-handed thumb-operated mechanism. It can fit in walls up to 48″ wide and can span up to 30″ in width. The sturdy design of the latch makes it easy to open and close for both babies and adults, and it is much easier to install than its competitors. The Reer S-Gate is a versatile wall-mounted baby gate, with adjustable latches that allow you to use it as a stair gate.

This gate is typically $60 to $70, and it comes in brown, black, and white. It uses a unique locking mechanism that took an adult five tries to master. You must push down on both latch tabs and then pull the gate up to unlock it. Because it is so durable, it is ideal for a large opening in the home. It also works great in an apartment or large studio.

North States

The North States wall mounted baby gate is one of the best options when you need a wall-mounted barrier to secure a baby’s room. Made with all-metal construction, it feels light and fluid while swinging. Its bars were thinner than others and did not bend under pressure. Its matte bronze finish looks nice against neutral-colored walls and hardwood floors. In contrast, the Summer Infant wall mounted baby gate is made with a heavier metal frame and weighs 21 pounds.

If you’re looking for a more affordable wall-mounted baby gate, you may want to consider the DreamBaby gate from North States. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes. However, there are several downsides to the DreamBaby gate, including its limited size and loose parts. This gate has been known to fall apart after a few months of use, so it’s important to measure the width of the opening before you buy it.

While the Summer Infant gate was the top choice for reviewers, it has recently been renamed the Toddleroo. This gate is tension-type and requires no assembly. The North States gate is 29″ tall. The gate can be opened both ways, and it also comes with wall cups to keep it from slipping forward. The gate is easy to install and comes with double-sided mounting tape. This gate is usually available for around $50, depending on the model and retailer.

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