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Whether you’re thinking of a vintage-style solitaire or a princess-cut setting, there’s a style for you. The crystals will sparkle like no other – even under a brightly lit night sky. And if your wife is a royal fan, you can choose a crystal engagement ring with a princess-cut diamond. Choose from a variety of metals for a timeless style.

Swarovski crystal engagement rings

The name Swarovski is an abbreviation for “Swarovski crystal,” a man-made type of crystal glass produced in Austria. Swarovski crystals are often called diamond simulants because they are so closely resembling real diamonds that they can be mistaken for them by an untrained eye. However, Swarovski crystals lack the brilliance and sparkle of diamonds.

If your girl is into vintage styles, choose a vintage-style crystal engagement ring to channel the classic beauty of the era. Alternatively, choose a princess-cut setting for a classic, feminine look. There are also several different metals and styles to choose from. For example, if you and your girlfriend want a timeless, classic engagement ring, consider choosing one made of cobalt, white crystal, or pink camo crystals.

If you choose to clean your Swarovski engagement ring yourself, you can use a mild detergent to clean it. Then, dry it with a soft lint-free cloth. Keep in mind that it is best to clean your ring periodically, not every day. Regular use can wear away the protective plating, and cleaning it with a jewellery cleaner will help you keep the crystals sparkling. In addition to cleaning it, you can also purchase an additional setting for your bride-to-be to match the one you already own.

Another thing to consider is the clarity. Swarovski crystals have excellent clarity, thanks to the quality materials used to manufacture them. Diamonds, on the other hand, vary greatly in clarity. Diamonds with excellent clarity are more expensive than those with poor clarity. However, this does not mean that Swarovski crystals aren’t beautiful – just the opposite. And if your girl is into the sparkle, then she will love the sparkling beauty of her new engagement ring.

Although diamonds are the most expensive material, Swarovski crystal is not. Its hardness is not comparable to that of diamonds. In fact, diamonds do not scratch easily, so it is better to protect your diamond engagement ring with Swarovski crystal. Furthermore, they are harder to find than Swarovski crystal. Aside from its durability, Swarovski crystal engagement rings are more affordable. Swarovski crystal engagement rings are also harder to find than diamond engagement rings.


A beautiful and unique gemstone, Alexandrite is a gorgeous choice for wedding rings. It is particularly striking in a pear cut, and looks especially stunning in yellow gold. These rings feature accent diamonds of different shapes, which add to the beauty of the stone. These rings can be worn as a shaped wedding band, or as a center stone on a solitaire ring. Here are some great designs for wedding bands that feature Alexandrite.

Natural alexandrite is quite rare and changes colors instantly. It may appear red, green, or even purple. However, it is not recommended to wear a ring with a natural alexandrite, as it can turn yellow. Buying a ring made of lab-grown alexandrite will save you money, and will still give the stone the desired effect. Besides, lab-grown alexandrite is also cheaper and can be set in 18k rose gold.

Another great quality of this gemstone is its vivid colors. Compared to other gemstones, alexandrite changes color dramatically, making it an attractive choice for wedding rings. Alexandrite is considered a good omen and is often associated with balance between the material and spiritual aspects of a person’s life. It is a gemstone of fame and glory in Russia. Wearing it is believed to bring fame and glory to its wearer. Alexandrite is the birthstone for June and is mined in Brazil and Russia.

There are also several factors that should be kept in mind when choosing an Alexandrite wedding ring. While this gemstone is rare, it is highly valuable. It changes color from green to purplish red depending on the setting. Stones with a brown tint are considered less valuable. The gemstone can also be damaged by intense wear and tear. Listed below are a few tips for choosing an Alexandrite wedding ring.

The color of the stone can influence the price of the ring. The stronger the change in color, the more expensive the ring. A ring that displays a mixture of warm and cool colors will be more expensive than one that is brownish. The most expensive rings will have been certified by a reputable lab. Getting certified will give you unbiased information about the gemstone’s condition. That’s why Alexandrite makes a great choice for engagement rings.


Tanzanite is a rare and beautiful violet-blue gem. It was first discovered in 1967 near Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania after lightning struck the mountain. The stone was then found buried in the surrounding rocks. Now, tanzanite rings are coveted gifts for the bride and groom. These rings are very exclusive. However, if you’re not sure whether tanzanite is right for your ring, read on.

Choosing the right ring size is vital. Some designs feature three-stone settings with a tanzanite in the center. Another example shows a ring featuring three marquise-cut tanzanite stones surrounded by a cluster of diamonds. A rose-gold shank frames the center stone, which makes it stand out even more. Using diamonds to frame a tanzanite stone in a ring makes it even more romantic. Moreover, the ring can be custom-made for the bride-to-be.

As Tanzanite is a rare gemstone, it will increase in value as time passes. As the mines are expected to run out in the next decade, this stone will likely appreciate in value as it becomes a family heirloom. This gem is a unique choice for wedding rings because it is not only beautiful and unique, but also symbolizes new beginnings, prosperity, and hope. Its price is also affordable, which makes it an attractive choice for many couples.

One carat of tanzanite gemstone is worth about $1,200. A smaller carat can cost even less. However, you can still find a tanzanite engagement ring for under a thousand dollars. However, be sure to consider all four C’s when determining the price of a tanzanite wedding ring. There are several styles of tanzanite engagement rings with diamond accents.

A ring with a tanzanite gemstone is one of the best investments you can make for your fiance. Its shimmering, multi-dimensional properties make it a beautiful choice for a wedding band. You can customize the ring design with your special stone and style. Your tanzanite engagement ring is bound to become a treasured heirloom for her. And because it is such an unusual gemstone, you will surely be the envy of all your friends and family!

Mystic topaz

If you are thinking about wearing a mystic topaz wedding ring, you have come to the right place. This gemstone is not a naturally occurring stone. Instead, it is created by coating a clear topaz with a thin layer of color. Although the coating is permanent, it requires special care. It is susceptible to abrasion, acids, heat, and ultrasonic cleaning. The Azotic Coating Technology suggests treating this stone like pearls.

While you may not want to wear a mystic topaz engagement ring every day, it’s worth the effort. A mystic topaz engagement ring can look stunning with a diamond halo. This type of ring can be worn in several ways, from low to high settings. A high-profile setting accommodates a wedding band, while a low-profile setting requires a curved band.

Mystic topaz is known for its magical colors, and is best set in a round or oval shape. It can be set in 10K or 14K white gold or in rose or yellow gold, depending on your personal preference. It is available in a wide range of precious metals, from sterling silver to yellow gold. So, whichever metal you choose, your ring will look perfect. You will be amazed at how affordable this stone is!

To make a mystic topaz wedding ring, you must first know what a mystic topaz is. Mystic topaz is a type of treated topaz. The process involves coating a natural topaz with titanium. This creates an interference pattern with light, which is what creates the rainbow effect. As a result, mystic topaz can look like rainbow colors when you view it from various angles.

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