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Victoria’s Secret is notorious for their lip glosses, but what exactly is in them? We tried to track down the ingredients, but it’s impossible to pin down all the specifics. So, we settled on some basic information that may help you answer this question. Victoria’s Secret is a luxury brand owned by the Limited Brands Group, the same company behind a variety of popular brands, including Bath & Body Works, Express, and Henri Bendel.

VS Makeup

You can find VS Makeup lip glosses at many different stores. They are available in various shades and flavors and many of them include SPF protection. It is recommended that you always wear lip gloss that protects your lips from the sun. You should also check out the ingredients of your gloss because they may vary.

This gloss has a buttery texture and a moisturizing formula. It comes in seven pigmented shades that are great for everyday wear. It provides a sheer wash of color, but you can also build up the coverage to get the color you want. These lip glosses also have a pleasant peach vanilla scent.

One of the best parts of this makeup is the fact that it is so simple to apply. The gloss stays on for a long time. This makes it an excellent makeup product to have on hand. You can use it as a base color for your lipstick. By layering the colors on your lips, you will create a polished look.

Limited Brands Group

The Limited Brands Group lip gloss Victoria Secret is one of the most popular cosmetics on the market. The lip gloss is an integral part of the entire cosmetic line. The brand began as a lingerie company, but soon expanded into women’s wear and beauty products. The company currently prints over 375 million beauty catalogs each year.

Limited Brands Group lip gloss Victoria Secret is available in a variety of colors and flavors. Its unique holographic formula gives your lips a multidimensional glow. It can be used on its own or over your favorite lipstick for a high-shine finish. The brand’s popular lipsticks include the classic red lipstick and the bright pink lip gloss.

The Limited Brands Group owns Victoria’s Secret and many other brands, including Bath & Body Works and Henri Bendel. In February 2007, it launched the BEAUTY RUSH line of personal care and beauty products. To promote the launch, the company distributed pink tank tops to women who purchased $35 or more in beauty products. The tops were folded inside a clear plastic pouch and contained a coupon good for a future BEAUTY RUSH purchase.

VS Beauty Rush

The new look lip gloss has achieved is sleek and chic. It’s the perfect way to add a dash of colour and shine to your pout, making it a must-have for supermodels. In addition to giving your lips a glamorous shine, lip gloss is now available in a variety of colors.

Victoria Secret’s Beauty Rush lip gloss is available in four shades. The formula is made of a special holographic pigment, which gives your lips a glamorous multidimensional glow. This product can be used alone or layered over your favorite lip colour. Electric Blush is one shade that offers a high-shine finish to your lips.

Designed with a smooth applicator, Victoria Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss is a quick and easy way to add color to your pout. The formula is incredibly moisturizing, while the glossy texture is smooth and non-sticky. It also offers a high shine and stays on throughout the day. Whether you’re looking to wear lipstick with a tint or a matte finish, this product will give you the perfect look and feel.

VS Total Shine Addict

The Victoria’s Secret Total Shine Addict lip gloss provides sheer colour and high shine to the lips. It’s great for adding shine to your lips without the need for a lip liner. This product is available in a variety of shades. You’ll find one to suit your mood or your favourite color, and you’ll love the way it looks on your lips!

This gloss is available in several universal shades and gives your lips a sheer, beautiful kiss of color and high shine. It adheres to your lips perfectly all day and won’t dry out or peel. It’s great for everyday wear or layering over a Velvet Matte Lipstick.

Aloe vera

Victoria Secret is known for its lingerie line, but it also makes great makeup and skincare products, including their famous lip gloss. This product has a smooth applicator, is made with aloe vera and argan oil, and adds shine and volume to the lips. It also contains pearls and other natural ingredients to make your lips look gorgeous.

This lip gloss has a nice, soft texture, and is easy to apply. The color is sweet, and it gives the lips a different look. It’s also hydrating, and it has great staying power. You can find a variety of colors and flavors to match your personal style.

Victoria Secret’s Aloe Vera Lip Gloss is made with the soothing properties of aloe vera. It keeps lips moisturized for up to eight hours. It is also made with peppermint oil, which soothes and refreshes the lips.

Argan oil

Victoria Secret’s Argan oil lip gloss is one of the best-selling products in the world. The formula contains argan oil, which is extremely moisturizing and has a delicious fruity scent. Not only does it make your lips feel smooth and soft, but it also helps remove flakes. You can use it alone or as part of a lip balm.

Victoria Secret is known for its lingerie collections, but the company also makes makeup and skincare products. Their lip glosses have aloe vera, argan oil, and a smooth applicator. You’ll find that you can wear these products every day and they’ll make your lips shine and look gorgeous.

The Argan oil lip gloss by Victoria Secret has a sheer color that adds just the right amount of lustre and shine to your lips. It also moisturizes your lips to prevent peeling and dryness, and it stays put all day. It even works well over matte lipstick.

Vitamin E

You can expect a glossy, buildable, high-shine finish with the latest Victoria Secret lip gloss. The formula is formulated with Vitamin E and jojoba oil to provide the perfect kiss of color. The color is buildable and offers medium coverage. You can also apply more than one layer for more intense color.


The Victoria Secret lip gloss flavors are among the best selling products of the entire cosmetics line. The company started out in 1977 with lingerie and soon expanded into the women’s wear and beauty products categories. They now publish over 375 million catalogs each year. Its bestselling items include lipstick, lip balm and lip gloss.

The lip gloss formula is creamy and moisturizing. However, it can leave your lips feeling sticky. This makes it unsuitable to wear on a windy day or when your hair is loose. The good news is that the flavors and scents are heavenly. You can find many of them at any Victoria Secret retail store.

The Victoria Secret Total Shine Addict Flavored Lip Gloss is available in several universal shades that will look amazing on your lips. Its sheer shimmer and high shine will give your lips a beautiful, luscious kiss. You can wear it on its own to achieve a natural look, or apply it over Velvet Matte Lipstick for a more dramatic look.

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