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YSL’s Vernis a Levres Water Glow Lip Gloss is a water-based glossy lip stain that delivers colour and comfort. This product contains aloe vera extract and has a wave-inspired applicator to help create the perfect pout.

Phyto-Lip Delight

Phyto-Lip Delight is a new, luxurious lip balm from Sisley. With its unique formula, which transforms from gel to oil on contact with your lips, it delivers a sensual experience while providing long-lasting hydration. The formula also brightens and protects lips while leaving them feeling soft and supple.

Candy Glaze Lip Gloss Stick

The Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Candy Glaze Lip Gloss Stick is a unique lip gloss that has the texture and shine of a gloss, but also the nourishing benefits of a balm. It contains vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and mango oils to soften and smooth your lips. It melts on the lips and leaves a subtle fragrance behind. This product is encased in a click format, making it easy to apply.

The packaging is sleek, with a new design. The new tube features a retractable click for easy application, and YSL’s logo is wrapped around the middle of the tube in a horizontal and vertical pattern. The packaging is finished in silver chrome for a chic, sophisticated look.

Vernis a Levres Water Glow

Yves Saint Laurent’s new Vernis A Levres Water Glow Lip Gloss is a water-based glossy stain that delivers the perfect balance of colour and comfort. Its formula is infused with aloe vera extract to help soothe and moisturize the lips. This hydrating gloss is a great choice for all day wear and is available in a variety of luminous shades.

The water-based formula of the Vernis a Levres Water Stain Lip Gloss is meant to shape and enhance the natural lip tone. This lip stain contains gold-bronze pearls that give the lips a warm undertone. To enhance the color of your lips, apply one coat and let it dry naturally.

The water-based formula provides a glossy finish that lasts all day long. Its unique applicator delivers an ultra-sheer finish that feels fresh and non-sticky on the lips. It also gives you an intense, buildable color with an incredibly natural-looking shine.

Hi-Fi Shine Lip Gloss

Hi-Fi Shine Lip Glosses are a great way to give your lips the most dramatic look possible. They are comfortable to wear and provide ultra-shiny color. They won’t feather or bleed and will make your lips look instantly plumper. You can choose from a variety of shades from sheer to chart-top, and they work well on most skin tones. The formula is also cruelty-free, so you won’t have to worry about the ingredients in your lipstick.

Hi-Fi Shine Lip Gloss is a cushion-like lip gloss that glides on smooth and softly. It is enriched with vitamin E and peppermint oil to provide long-lasting comfort and plumping effects. It is a good choice for people who don’t like sticky or tacky lip glosses.

Vernis a Levres Water Stains

The Vernis a Levres Water stains lip gloss is a water-based lip stain with a high shine finish and long-wearing color. The formula is lightweight and easy to apply. You can apply multiple coats to achieve the color you want. The stain glides on easily and evenly without leaving a sticky or greasy finish.

The YSL Vernis A Levres Water Stains Lip Gloss has a unique wave-inspired applicator that lifts the formula and distributes it evenly across the lips. It also adapts to the shape of your lips to give you the desired look.

The shade 605 is the star coral in the lip stain collection. It’s more orange than pink and is subtle with one coat but can become bold when applied several times. It’s a great alternative to classic red for the summer. It also gives your lips a more natural look.

If you’re looking for a statement shade, this lip stain is perfect for the season. It has a warm undertone and is perfect for day and night. It’s easy to layer it, and it’s versatile, so you can wear it for several days. One coat will give you a neutral summer lip while two coats will give you a vibrant coral lip.

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